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Free webcam viewer with recording, motion monitoring, recording, e-mail alarm and more.

Usually bring Webcams yes own software with which you can view at least, and sometimes even save the captured images. But unfortunately, these programs often do not even support all built-in features of the webcam. The freeware ContaCam is here excellently to bring out not only the last of the cameras, but also to supplement some useful features them.

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ContaCam brings the webcam motion monitoring

Even when your own webcam has no mode to enable the same to recording at a detected movement so ContaCam can help her do so. Using a freely adjustable sensitivity scale, the program compares each time the images with each other and differences in recording mode starts.

ContaCam extended webcams a motion monitoringContaCam extended webcams a motion monitoring

As you can see from this example image, ContaCam shows even during the recording of the areas where a motion was detected. So you will not miss anything, can be in the tool even set how many seconds before and to be recorded according to the determined movement also.

The software installs an Apache web server on the PC, so that the recording can be reached at any time via the Web and the browser. It can run in the background and immediately begin monitoring for a startup. The recordings are stored in an arbitrary directory of the hard disk and can be done in the Flash SWF format or in AVI mode. However, one should bear in mind in this type of automatic recording that over time the disk fills up fast.

By the web server can call the shots all day orderly staggered in a web interface and can be any movies review immediately. Complete with date, time stamp, and number of the recording. Even screenshots can be saved specifically here.

A web interface shows us the footage of ContaCam toA web interface shows us the footage of ContaCam to

ContaCam is flexible

As long as a webcam has been installed properly and is located in the same network, ContaCam may try to take her contact. In most cases, we will succeed. Di corresponding configuration is simple and is essentially limited to the input of IP as well as any admin credentials. You may need to adjust its firewall properly, to make contact.

ContaCam find the webcam fastContaCam find the webcam fast

ContaCam suitable especially in cases where you because of your own firewall or an incorrectly adjusted port forwarding in the router does not reach the webcam from the outside. Although the program does not solve the firewall problem, but it can upload all applicable record on request to a server or send out and e-mail notifications. Thus, a clever monitoring system from the combination of ContaCam and a webcam. On request, the invisible tool starts when Windows starts and immediately begin monitoring.


Bearing in mind that the program is free, one can only marvel. ContaCam gets more out of a normal webcam, as the manufacturer of the camera can do it yourself. Clever features and easy to understand settings make it one of the best webcam tools on the market. The program is completely in German and can handle a large number of Webcams, so there is no reason not to at least once to try it.


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