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Some time ago, the last door for "Dark Matter" Season 2. Now it was not long before we can watch the new episodes. When it will be so far and what we can look forward, we revealed here.

Dark Matter Season 2 will start soon in the German TVSource: Syfy

In Season 1 of "Dark Matter" we have experienced within the 13 episodes of the past of the individual crew members. Follow it exciting. Already in September 2015 came from Canada, the good news is that there will be a second season.

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3420Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer

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Season 1 of "Dark Matter" ended with the betrayal of the crew by one of its members. Why were betrayed and now five arrested by the Galactic Authority, is unclear. We hope that the series creators explain this cliffhanger at the very beginning.

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When "Dark Matter" starts Season 2?

  • From 11 July 2016, the German pay-TV channel Syfy will each show on Mondays at 21:00 a new episode of the second season of "Dark Matter".
  • The repetition can ye then watch the following Friday at 16:10.
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  • Otherwise you Syfy place at Sky Online *Dark Matter Season 2 will start soon in the German TV in the package.

Syfy received on TV: So it goes

Episode Guide & Broadcast dates for "Dark Matter" Season 2

resultUS titleGerman titlebroadcast date
14Welcome to your new home-07/11/2016
15Kill them all-
16I've seen the other side of you-
17We Were Family-
18We Voted You Not To Space-
19We Should Have Seen This Coming-
20She's One Of Them Now-
21Stuff To Steal, People To Kill-
22Going Out Fighting-
23Take The Shot-
24Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had The Chance-
25Sometimes In Life You Do not Get To Choose-
26But first, We Save The Galaxy-

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