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Which operating system is better: Windows 7 or Windows 8? Most new computers come standard with Windows. 8 Whether to downgrade to Windows 7 is worth, can not be answered generally. Any more than the question of whether a Ugrade is recommended. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages as a small decision support.

Windows 7 or 8? Advantages and disadvantages in the Quick Check

Windows 7 and Windows 8 compared

1. Boot

The boats will take on Windows 8 only a few seconds. Anyone who has a computer with SSD hard drive, can once again take a few seconds good. In Windows 7 computers the minute mark, is usually but cracked before the desktop appears and is ready for use. But even with Windows 7, the startup has long gone enough to make coffee.

2. surface

Is not convincing: the tiled look of Windows 8thIs not convincing: the tiled look of Windows 8th

The much-criticized tiled look of Windows 8 easily integrates to the Windows 8.1 version round. Here, we explained how to change Windows 8 on the old desktop appearance. Windows 7 comes along with the usual decades desktop interface. Some features, such as shutting down faster accessible on Windows 8 right-click. Overall, the operation of the touch-oriented Windows 8 surface but less intuitive than that of Windows 7, which is a clear advantage.

3. safety

A point gain for Windows 8: In terms of security, Microsoft has reworked and brought with Windows 8 the first operating system with built-in virus protection on the market. The secure boot is already checked when you boot up the computer if it has been tampered with. The smart screen filter protects against infected pages. Windows Defender, Firewall and child protection, there are also Windows 7 already. The new Windows tools can not keep up with sophisticated fee-protection programs, but offer to earlier significantly improved basic protection.

4. Repair Functions

For safety and repair Windows can score. 8For safety and repair Windows can score. 8

Especially for technophobes Windows 8 offers two new exciting features: "PC refresh" and "PC automatically reinstall" when the system is out of joint. Under the first option, all personal data, settings and installed applications are preserved and after the restart programs only installed Microsoft Office must be reinstalled. newly set up their system is "automatically reinstall PC" with Windows 8 for each a single click thanks to the option possible. Personal data must here, however, still be saved manually advance. Here Windows loses out. 7 In terms of data protection features, both operating systems take nothing with their automatic data backup history again.

5. compatibility

So far, Windows 7 has clearly fewer compatibility issues. Microsoft has set up a 8 Compatibility Center for Windows Extra, be kept ready in the driver problems solutions. After the introduction of Windows 10, the compatibility is likely to move slowly but in favor of Windows 8th Most new programs are programmed specifically for the new platforms and support for Windows 7 is moved back more and more, as it was practiced in the past.

Conclusion: Windows 7 or 8 &# 8211; a duel with no clear winner

Who can ignore the rough edges in the operation of Windows 8, for an upgrade may be worth or the purchase of a computer with the new operating system. For those who have so far coped well with Windows 7, Windows 8 has no features that are so outstanding that a change is highly recommended. With Windows 10 in the wings rather, the question will soon be on the latest Microsoft-throw switch over.

Those who opt for the downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7, takes a step-by-step guide with us. For Windows 8 newcomers we give in this article Tips for a -and upgrading from Windows 8th