Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Legendary Dust2 map gets an update

One of the most famous maps of CS: GO finally got a finishing touch in the form of an update after a long time. Fans of the game can hardly stand for joy manifest.

Such is the life of a professional CS: GO Player of:

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Some time ago Dust 2 was not playable in the competitive matchmaking, but now the map is back and its former splendor. As the makers announced the good news on Twitter, is the Community formally disengaged:

The makers wanted to improve the visibility and movements of players with the new update and bring the graphics to the level of modern cards. And especially visually, the card has changed quite a bit: On the official website allows you to display the before / after images of the map in detail.

All maps of CS: GO you see here at a glance:

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"Dust II has over the years become one of the most balanced and most iconic CS: ​​GO developed cards. Against this background, we have decided to refine the product further, instead of conducting a wholesale redesign, "says the company.

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At the moment the map in this form is only playable in the beta. The developers hope to gain from the players feedback on implementation and are machined on what the fans want else on the map.

Were you able to play the new Dust2 map yet? Do you like the changes or would you prefer the old card back?





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