The Tomorrow Children: The mysterious PS4 game in Alpha testing

For several days, the alpha phase of The Tomorrow Children is running. Until now, not necessarily known a lot about the game and there were a number of unresolved issues. Whether some of them were clarified and what is the first impression of this extraordinary game, learn it in our alpha test.

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The Tomorrow Children: An Experiment

The Soviet Union in the late 1960s ventured an experiment that should unite the whole of the human subconscious. But this had devastating consequences and suggested ultimately fail. In this way, almost the entire world and her life was extinguished &# 8211; the only thing that is left is the great white void, the Void. A few people, however, have survived and one hundred years later developed a system that allows projection clones. These clones should be looking for and in the Void by residual human DNA so restore the world &# 8211; and just such a clone about you take as a player The Tomorrow Children.

In the Matryoshka dolls is human DNAThe Tomorrow Children: In the Matryoshka dolls is human DNA

Unmediated things you will in a city thrown that is surrounded by a white field and radiates a strange aura. In the distance, islands can be seen, which can be visited. Again and again the characters of other players emerge &# 8211; however, but disappear as soon as they finish an action like hacking into a face. The Tomorrow Children is a multiplayer game, but does not feel in between then on. Although you can with the other players by a salute or a whistle interact, but all the other players &# 8211; and you also &# 8211; are invisible to you, if you does not perform elementary things. In this way, you can explore the undisturbed areas, and make you familiar with the surreal world.

the city tomorrow childrenThe Tomorrow Children: Each player starts with others in their own city

The Tomorrow Childen: A Challenge

But what is the purpose exactly? Although you will receive at the beginning of a brief introduction of a police officer of the city, but your tasks are only really clear when you explore the city and the islands. You have to build your own city with the other players and looking to the islands for resources and ensure growth with them. Other cities can also be visited.

Also, you have to Matryoshka dolls were looking for, the DNA of humans and include with which you can bring to life this again. But while your search hazards may lurk, for example in the form of monsters called Izverg. These destroy parts of the city, so it's up to you to drive them or rendering them harmless. If they do manage to do damage, you can repair it the objects.

The Izverg make you a hard time and destroy your cityThe Tomorrow Children: The Izverg make you a hard time and destroy your city

To put you against the creatures to defend or even more active and faster graze the mines can buy their new equipment. Money to get her at the end of the day when your employer, where then lists what you did on the day it all. Depending on how productive you were, you get more or less content. Also, you have to solve, if you want certain items produced some mini puzzles. As such, the tasks are not all difficult, but The Tomorrow Children is a challenge to all those who have clear guidelines like and focus on exploration and creations.

The sandbox game combines many different elements and what exactly it is in The Tomorrow Children, can hardly be expressed in words. The game lives namely especially by the very special atmosphere. Contributes, among other things, the mysterious soundscape and the abstruse, claustrophobic feel of a big wide nothing. The fact that the other players are not permanently present, often creates a feeling of loneliness and cold, which is absolutely unique and not yet happened to me in this form in a game.

the-tomorrow-children-listing-thumb-01-ps4-us-11aug14In The Tomorrow Children you are different classes available

The Tomorrow Children: A Conclusion

The Tomorrow Children is not just a game, but an experience. Both the style and the basic idea of ​​the game are far from the mainstream and that's what makes this project so exciting. Players who do not like titles, however, in which they will not be clearly defined what they have to do, should have no great joy with The Tomorrow Children and might be less irritated. All others should definitely give a chance to the title. The Tomorrow Children appear in 2015 exclusively for the PS4.


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