BioShock Infinite – Burial at Sea review: Doppelt keeps poor

First of all: Here someone who does not think much of DLCs writes. Too often I have been disappointed in the past by half-baked appetizers, forced zero-sum games and overpriced nonsense or even angry. Accordingly skeptical I have an invitation to the burial at sea, the first story DLC of "BioShock Infinte" assumed. Infinite got off me 10/10 - - too great a risk that the masterpiece seemed in fine-meshed grid of DLCs damage would take.

BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea review: Doppelt keeps poor

"BioShock Infinte" is about for me, complete and told. It dismissed me in an emotional Contemplating a story that really has no place for another chapter. On the other hand, we are talking about Ken Levine, a man who has my leap of faith earned. And we speak of a return to Rapture! That enchanted, bizarre non-place, the Beautiful Schaurigkeit made me a thousand sweet death to die in the first part of the shooter series. I simply must have seen.

1908Burial at Sea Launch TrailerTalking about "Burial at Sea" without violently spoilers, is simply impossible. Who has not played Infinte is, the whole thing can neither understand nor appreciate. The DLC does everything in advance and explains nothing. In other words, by playing or ignore.

BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea review: Doppelt keeps poorBurial at Sea Test: Spoiler!

It starts with Elizabeth. An older, more serious, melancholic version of it enters the office of a certain Booker DeWitt, who runs a 1,958-flooded with the twilight detective in Rapture. A femme fatale and her willing victim.

A little later the two are then already in the abysmal splendor of sales promenade of Rapture. These are the best moments of "Burial at Sea". Insiders will enjoy the nostalgic and at the same fresh look at the underwater city for sure. The DLC has in these early minutes something of a passionate fan project that arouses to detail with great attention the ghosts of the past.

But the wonder does not last long. After a spectacular encounter with Sander Cohen, probably the most sinister opponent of "BioShock" "Burial at Sea" falls into the shooter routine of "Infinite" and will not quite fit into Rapture.

"Burial at Sea" throws us the same old enemy groups uninspired and without viable concept contrary. Before you know it, Booker depends even on a sky-line and takes Splicer Splicer according to Korn's. But where the dizzying freedom of the air city of Columbia gave us a playful soaring, the use of Sky-Hooks in the claustrophobic underwater grave of Rapture feels somehow confusing and wrong. The new Frost plasmid and the increased scarcity of resources remain pure waste. Playful disappointed "Burial at Sea" and falls short of the quality of the main game.

Unfortunately, this also applies to the story that tells us the DLC. The is very well presented and consistent fit into the multiverse of "BioShock Infinte" ultimately runs in "Burial at Sea" but all comes down to a slightly different reenactments already known story elements.

BioShock Infinite - Burial at Sea review: Doppelt keeps poor

It is this repetition in "Burial at Sea", this turning around itself, that even which takes the main game a little of its fascination. It may be that the events of "Burial at Sea" at best be explained with the built in "Infinite" backbone - if something happens again, but then always loses the first time something of its uniqueness and intensity. At least I felt like myself somewhat perplexed leaving the DLC after exactly 80 minutes.

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The deliberate confusion of "BioShock" and "Infinte" goes back to a limited extent. What begins as a nostalgic and lovingly staged Fanservice, is increasingly becoming an unrelated juxtaposition of two very different games. "Burial at Sea" will fast, flashy, ostentatious and narrative highly complex "Infinite" somehow squeeze into the narrow, nightmarish pressurized cabin of Rapture. Under this load "Burial at Sea" bursts ultimately some seam. Since you playfully absolutely miss anything here, fans can be patient until the price reduction or the DLC just watched on YouTube.

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