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Manage unused .dll files

The freeware DLL Scan DG software you identify all unused .dll files in the system directory of your Windows operating system and determine the duration of the query itself.

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Under .dll or .DLL files means the dynamic program library manage Windows applications, the machine code, data and resources.


After the expiry of the specified period, all such scanned files are moved to a separate folder and archived. Should be prepared for errors when running applications in connection with this procedure, then the corresponding .dll Dateine ​​can be restored and exclude for future scans from the routine.

It is also possible to remove certain files from the list to be scanned .dll files already during the monitoring phase.

The DLL Scan runs in the background, so you only need access to it when you restore mistakenly moved files or want to remove from the scan routine. When the scan is running the operation is indicated by an icon in the system tray.

In the current version of the DLL scans also the name of the associated applications appear to .dll files.

DLL scan does not access any registry data or other system files.

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