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The name Aomei Backupper standard suggests, that there is a backup program. And the features of this freeware to be proud of!

The additional standard on behalf Aomei Backupper Standard also indicates already that there is still a &# 8220; professional&is # 8221 ;, commercial version of the program. However, the benefits of this program variant are so specialized that most of us are well make do with the free program.

For the freeware is already well equipped and offers system backups and the backup of entire hard disks and a backup for partitions and of course the usual backup of selected files or folders structures.

use Aomei Backupper effectively

Most of us need to back up the system or entire hard drives. Usually you want to protect important files and folders not to be lost in a hard drive crash. This is relatively easy with the Aomei Backupper, even if the user interface is English.

Aomei back upper standardThe freeware tool Aomei Backupper can secure more than just files

In the simplest case, the user has no more to do than in &# 8220; Step 1&# 8243; choose a source path and &# 8220; Step 2&# 8243; indicate where to be secured. Logically, the different drives should be. After clicking Start Backup the program gets going. It uses an average compression, which is a good balance of space and speed for the target data. Who wants to save more space and has time represents the in the settings to the maximum compression level.

Here you can incidentally also secure the backup files with a password or ensure that the size of the backups will always be split so that they fit on CDs or other small media.

Of course, we can determine at any time whether it is a full or incremental backup. So if you have enough space always takes a full backup. And otherwise you just choose to back up only the data that have been added since the last backup option. The full backup makes it a bit easier, after all, restore individual files. For that is also easy in Aomei Backupper. The steps are easy to Restore menu, the desired backup selects and then can extend up to the file level durchhangeln to select individual files and copy back.

With Aomei Backupper timed up data

Although Aomei Backupper does not provide data backup in real time how about the cloud solution Dropbox can, but at least there is the possibility of regular, scheduled backups. Here daily, weekly and monthly backups can be scheduled.

Aomei back upper plannerThe Aomei Backupper dominated scheduled backups

The shortest time interval is one hour, but we can also choose to have the backup starts only on a certain day or a specific day of the month. If you invest several similar backups, it is even possible to make far between full backups and otherwise once to drive an incremental backup daily and then automatically shut down the computer.

Other works in the course Aomei Backupper

Apart from the above standard features of Aomei Backupper just mastered and complete disk backups. But the program is also suitable for cloning hard drives, partitions or operating systems. So you can for example transmit its functioning Windows on an SSD. And we can also create bootable rescue disks and can place our files on CDs or DVDs.


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