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Test the iPod touch camera: significant improvement

But in other places Apple has brought its almost believed dead "handheld console" on the state of the time: M8 coprocessor for transaction data, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1 (IPhones only 4.0 ...) Slow Motion Videos at 120 frames per second (see. iPhone 5s).

To the cameras: 1.2 megapixels provides the FaceTime camera, this selfie camera is now usable. The predecessor that was not necessarily the case. The 8 megapixel iSight camera is also improved dramatically. but with the iPhone 6 can especially in terms of noise not keep up (detail from the test card, recording in low light):

ipod touch iphone-camera-testMain camera (iSight) of iPod touch in the test

Two sample images (unprocessed, only scaled down), please click for a larger view:

ipod touch-test-CAMERA 2

ipod touch-test-CAMERA 1

The "rest" is known standard and belongs to the good equipment of every newer iOS device: acceleration and gyro sensor, speakers, voice assistant Siri, AirPlay ... The operating system will be on iOS update 9 (release in the fall). There is also free apps Photos, Health, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, GarageBand and more.

The scope of supply will be in addition to charging cable and plug headphones, see Apple apple earbuds in the test.

ipod touch 2015 apple earbuds

 iPod touch in the test: Conclusion

Our conclusion for iPod touch 2015 in review: The device is not an absolute novelty, neither the housing nor the inner life: the former we know from previous iPod, the latter from the iPhone. Thus, we brace ourselves relatively short in this Review.

High-quality housing, chic colors, neat power under the hood: The iPod touch is a worthy iOS device that can enjoyment and offers many features. He is actually a small game console, music player, organizer, micro-tablet - and certainly not a bad choice for our colleagues from GIGA ANDROID ...;) 

The brightness sensor for the display and Touch ID we miss yet. Clear: Those who want mobile Internet, GPS and Apple Watch support, must anyway for big brother to the iPhone, grab.


  • iPod touch 16 GB: 229 €*
  • iPod touch 32 GB: 279 €*
  • iPod touch 64 GB: 339 €*
  • iPod touch 128 GB: 449 € *

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