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Anyone who wants to use his Mac as a video recorder, a number of conditions must be met: It requires free space for the movies, he has to buy an additional receiver and have also always turned on the Mac when a recording is active. Owner of a mobile Macs are then perhaps traveling and have no TV Stick it, others want to save power and turn off their computers after work immediately.

In all these conditions refrain Online recorder: You can be from any Browser use, for example, in the office, they do not require any additional hardware, recording work is done, a server, and your own computer is not needed.


The services provide recorded programs optionally available as a stream or download. Is this the end of the TV software? Already anticipated: It's not that, the online recorder have their own weaknesses and shortcomings. up in several episodes before various online TV recorder, considered it both free and fee-based aspirants.

It starts *, this online TV recorder is one of the fee-based representatives. The user can test the offer for 14 days and in that time he shall service fully available, but the offer converts after the deadline in a paid subscription to, if one does not cancel. So if you only want a short time to record a certain program and logs for that purpose, stating the address and bank details that should not missed the deadline for cancellation.

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The costs

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Those who want to subscribe to the service that has the choice zwischem the basic package for a period of 3 months for 9.99 euros per month, 6 months for 7.49 euros and 12 months for 4.99 euros. In addition, there is also the XL package, also with maturities of 3, 6 and 12 months and prices between 14.99 euros and 9.99 euros.

XL package of online storage is unlimited and you can let the program also stream to mobile devices.

The range of channels

safe senderRegardless of which package of television lovers chooses: He stands on the server is always room for films with a total running time of 50 hours. The contributions, with which one can fill this online store, you can also choose from from 38 different transmitters. Among them are found, for example ARD, ZDF, ZDF theater, ZDF documentary, ZDF info, SAT1, Pro 7, cable 1, Vox, Tele 5, 3sat, BR, BR alpha, SWR, WDR, HR, Arte, n-tv, Phoenix children's channel. Shows on RTL, RTL2 and Super RTL can not record these days, reason is a lawsuit.


To record programs using the electronic program guide. By which the recording programming is a breeze to select the program you're looking out and chooses them with one click. In the next window you can make various settings and select, for example, whether the service should record all episodes of a series, or just this one, to how many minutes before the broadcast time recording starts and how long will take the online TV recorder following , In this way, should be able to prevent the beginning and end of a recording missing - so it is advisable to have potential overdraft candidates and special topics to current events in mind and then add correspondingly generous in the end.

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By clicking on one recording adds the program's own recording list, which can be viewed at the point My recordings. At the same time you can record to up to ten programs simultaneously. then you certainly do not want to keep one or another television report, one deletes it unceremoniously from the list.

Video streaming and downloading of recordings


If you have received a shipment, then they will remain for at least the next 30 days on the server. During this time they can be view or streamed over the Internet, but download the recording to the computer. For this purpose, the provider a free tool available to &# 8220; Easy Record Download Manager&# 8221 ;. For the video stream no plug-ins are required, the operator recommended for playback, whether streamed or after downloading the free VLC Media Player - who does his service with almost everything that contains any video and audio, but is not too comfortable to use. If you decide it to load the program onto the computer, they are there in front after downloading as .avi files.

Quality and format of the videos

Video Quality: In the test, the quality of images has quite pleasantly surprised. The downloaded video files in MPEG4 codec have a resolution of 720 to 576 pixels. The sound is mp3 format and is encoded in stereo with 48 kilohertz.

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All in all, * from 5 euros a month, a well-to-use interface and an image quality that allows the viewer to view the images on the television. With 38 stations, the selection is good. One advantage of the online recorder over hardware-based television solutions for the Mac that you do not have turned on the computer for the recordings &# 8211; so who "only" a VCR needs is well served by the solution. Those who want to archive live television and many TV recording in high picture and sound quality, however, hardly comes to a dedicated hardware and corresponding software as the Elgato and equinux around it. In the long run it is much cheaper and yet provides more comfort and possibilities. An annual subscription costs for example 60 euros, the combo DVB-T Stick and software is available, for example from 50 euros - at no additional expense.


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