Moto Hint 2: sequel to the stylish Bluetooth headsets already on the market

The Moto Hint has without a stir to attract apparently received a revision: to lower the same name of the dealer Best Buy sells at least in the US a new version of tiny headsets, which offer, among other things with a longer battery life, improved sound quality and an even better fit , On top of that, the price of the new Moto Hint 2 compared to its predecessor has been reduced &# 8211; maybe it This is an unwanted premature launch.

Moto Hint 2: sequel to the stylish Bluetooth headsets already on the market

Actually, Motorola has invited to an event on July 28, only recently, will be presented at the expected the Moto X (2015) and the Moto G (2015). That there will be a successor to the Moto Hint, but in advance of the event fact: Some premature, the US retailer Best Buy seems to be a new version of the small Bluetooth headsets to have added to the range and even sent to some customers , Meanwhile, a sell-out of older model for almost half the price takes place currently still on the official website of the American branch; the new Hint has not yet been officially announced, however.


The new edition appears to be superior to its predecessor in every way: According to the report a buyer the fit is actually even better and especially the heavily criticized voice quality is said to have made a significant leap forward. In addition, the battery life was increased by 70 percent to a total of 17 hours, this duration is achieved only when stored in the protective case, which also serves as an external battery. Besides the fact that Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR is supported, the MSRP is $ 129.99 set somewhat lower than the first Moto Hint.

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Interestingly, the headset is the way not only for owners of Motorola smartphones: can get excited about the little button in the ear due to the chic designs are likely many other customers. When pairing with a Moto smartphone, however, other exciting features such as are waking up the device added from a distance of up to 50 meters, and additional voice commands. But it will probably take some time until the new Moto Hint is also available in this country - whether Motorola's Hint 2 is actually officially present again on July 28, however, also remains to be seen.

Source: Best Buy, Josue Joseph @ Google + via r / Android

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