SWaPPa: New hand market for Android devices

Some online offers are just so likable, even if they can not, or only very limited use in Germany. Online Used Equipment Market SWaPPa is such a thing: Here Android fans can sell their stored smartphones and tablets and / or buy used Android devices cheap.

SWaPPa: New hand market for Android devices

There are two types of Android fans: those who every 6 months buy a new device (want to) and those who are satisfied with older hardware as long as Android is on it. The Web service SWaPPa brings these target groups: Anyone who wants to sell his old Android device and meets certain requirements for the state, it can offer across the page. Who wants to buy a device that is in accordance with various offers for Nexus S, Droid Incredible, Captivate and Co. at fair prices. Conveniently, you can find the same information and technical data, root and installed ROM in each device description.


Users need to authenticate via Facebook or openID, the money transfer takes place via PayPal. reserves of referral fees SWaPPa, depending on the price of the device between $ 10 - and $ 30, - one, for a limited period currently applies but for all devices a placement fee of $ 10, -.

SWaPPa there since December 2010 and was loud sole operator Ben Edwards made his love for Android and his dislike of equipment sales on eBay and Craigslist out. A special sympathy bonus gets SWaPPa because the service for any device that is equipped with the CyanogenMod, donate 5 € to the modder Cyanogen.

Although in principle there is no reason to use against SWaPPa in Germany / Austria / Switzerland, but you should discuss this in advance with the trading partner details. The shipment of a device can &# 8220; across the pond&# 8221; Finally, take a little longer and cost more. In addition, the carrier (mobile phone provider) of the device should be considered. The Verizon devices sparks on the CDMA standard and are not compatible with the one used in Germany GSM standard. If you prefer to sell, buy or exchange within Germany can use the comparable service flip4new *. The course is not specialized in Android, but this can also be an advantage depending on the perspective.

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