Osu beat Maps: download, paste and install – Here’s how

With Osu beat Maps can you new songs for Osu! install and so secure you an almost infinite supply of new songs, which can prove her your click-Arts. Here we show you where you new Osu beat Maps is and how you add and you can install.

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One of the most popular music games on the PC is Osu! In the free-to-play titles you have to like that time in Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS to the rhythm of the music click certain symbols on the screen and make the right notes. One reason is that Osu! is so popular in the community, certainly the numerous customization options. In addition, there are always new songs in the form of Osu beat Maps, so you need never have to worry that the fun is eventually over. We show you where to find the beat Maps and how you insert in the game.

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Osu beat Maps: Download: Find new songs

Osu is despite his age still very popular &# 8211; therefore there come numerous opportunities for new Osu-Beat maps and songs on the Internet.

For Osu Beat MapsOn the official site of Osu! finds its dozens of cool beat Maps with new songs. To download you need a (free) account.
  • Your first stop for Osu-Beat maps is the official site of Osu! &# 8211; to download you the maps, you need an account. Click to the right on top of I&8217 m New, and then creates your access.
  • Then you can download the songs &# 8211; to clicking on the tab Beat Maps on the home page.
  • In the dropdown menu, you choose one of the categories, such as Ranked or Qualified and then find yourselves the Beatmap for download on the next page &# 8211; the file to unpack later you need a program like WinRAR or 7Zip.
  • If you want, you can also enter once heard in the Beatmap. Click once on the thumbnail of the respective Beatmap.
  • The website Osu! Mp is another good source of new songs and songs.
  • Also, you can you here also a complete Osu beat Maps Pack download -so gets her several songs at once.

With these sites you dürftet be well supplied with Osu beat Maps for now. If you but at some point run out of supplies, you can also simply to Osu beat Maps search on Google and see what you find there. Write us in the comments if you know any other good sites!

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Insert Osu beat Maps and install &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

Have you brought you the Osu-Beat maps on one of the ways described above, you have the new songs just put in the game. Simply you unzipped the map files, it adds one to the correct folder, and then select the map to play out. so goes&# 8217; s:

Osu Beat Maps Product ImageWith the beat Maps you have an endless supply of new songs for Osu !.
  1. Unpacks the Osu Beatmap anywhere on your desktop.
  2. now opens the main game directory Osu and scans for a folder named songs. If you Osu on drive C have installed the directory looks something like this: C: \ Games \ Osu \ songs.
  3. Moves the contents of the unzipped Osu Beatmap in the song folder.

That's it already. now starts Osu! &# 8211; the game updated and you can select the newly inserted Beatmap from your maplist and enjoy the new song.

If there still are problems, look at also the following YouTube tutorial where the entire process is explained step by step:

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