Finding Carter: Where’s On Season 1 Episode Guide

&# 8220; Carter Finding&# 8221; is a given from MTV commissioned series, which also runs in German Free-TV since February. We tell you where you &# 8220; Carter Finding&# 8221; Season 1 can watch the stream and on TV.

Finding Carter: Where's On Season 1 & amp; Episode GuideSource: Disney Channel

The family series provides clients with continuous action. The characters are more profound than in other shows and gradually comes to the spectators a secret on the track.

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Imagine you're a 16-year-old teenager whose best friend is the single mother. And now, imagine that it turns out that this same mother is actually your kidnapper who has taken away your birth parents. This is the background story of "Finding Carter&# 8220 ;. Carter (Kathryn Prescott) discovers her true origins equal in the pilot episode and then is brought to their biological family. Here she has next to his father and mother and a twin sister and a brother. US family drama portrays how Carter rightly finds in her new life.

finding Carter scale-1-stream-tv-follow-1After a harmless prank Carter (Kathryn Prescott) is arrested. That this will change their lives, because the 16-year-old had not thought of.

Finding Carter Staffel 1 in TV

&# 8220; Carter Finding&# 8221; is broadcast since February 22, 2016 German Free TV. Every Monday at 20:15 of the Disney Channel shows a series of family drama.

Finding Carter look in the stream

You have become too late attention to the series and want you look at the consequences of previously transmitted in the stream? Since you have to wait you. There is currently no streaming service has the series on offer. Only the last transmitted sequence you can look in the Disney Channel library. Otherwise, the possibility remains, the entire first season of &# 8220; Carter Finding&# 8221; in the DVD box on Amazon *Finding Carter: Where's On Season 1 Episode Guide to order. Here you must note, however, that this comes in the original English.

If you do not you are on Mondays at 20:15 at home, you can watch &# 8220; Carter Finding&# 8221; Watch the live stream on Magine *. Here you can find the entire television program of the free-to-air German television.

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All episodes of Finding Carter Staffel 1

The first season of "Finding Carter" includes a total of twelve episodes. What are these and when they are sent / was that you can read in this overview.

episodetitleAired the first showing
4The face behind the mask03/14/2016
5In search03/21/2016
6On the run04/04/2016
7The birthday04/11/2016
8thPainful truths04/18/2016
9bitter realization04/25/2016
10For they know not what they do05/02/2016
11Victory of reason09/05/2016

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