Uncharted 4: Beta-Patch 1:04 brings changes for multiplayer

A first patch for Uncharted 4: A Thief&# 8217; s End has been published. And, although the game does not appear until next year. Of course, the update addresses to the currently ongoing testing phase of the multiplayer. A list of patch notes can find in our News.

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The test phase for the multiplayer of Uncharted 4 is in full swing. Already, buyers of Uncharted have Nathan Drake Collection for PS4 the opportunity to take a first look at the highly anticipated title. So that everything runs smoothly, the developers have now released a patch that brings some changes. Which they are, we show you here.

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Patch Notes 1:04 for the beta of Uncharted 4:

  • Stability improvement for eliminating Crashes
  • Additional statistics for the online mode
  • Matchmaking Update: changed criteria to make conclusion more games
  • Fix for the target using the turret
  • The Spezzotti 12 gauge shotgun now fires less accurate out of the coverage
  • Rate of fire increased the FAL
  • Mettler M-30: reduced rate of fire and accuracy
  • Gun Damage decreased, but reload and fire rate improves
  • XCR recoil and accuracy improved
  • Target assistance to all weapons improved significantly
  • C4 bug now fixed
  • gefixed bugs for Spirit of the Djinn
  • New video in the Uncharted TV playlist

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Who does not have the Nathan Drake Collection, have to wait a little longer until the release of Uncharted fourth The game around adventurer and Dub Nathan Drake will be released on March 18, 2016 exclusively for Sony's PS4.


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