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The AdwCleaner download gives you a free tool that adware and other unwanted software that can be captured while browsing the Internet place and away from the computer.

Since today virtually every computer user spends a lot of time on the net, thus unfortunately also the risk of catching pervasive threats such as adware, unwanted toolbars, unwanted applications, and browser hijackers on the Internet increases. This may affect the functionality of the computer at different locations or even slow it. They can also pose a threat to privacy.

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remove adware and other threats from the computer with the AdwCleaner Download

With the AdwCleaner download you get a free tool that reliably removes these threats again from your computer and is very easy to use. To check your system for the presence of such threats, you invite you downloaded the tool under the download button and starts it. Then you click on the button "Search" and the program scans your system for problems. Barrel of AdwCleaner Download finds such, it operates the "Delete" button to remove it from your system. Also you can see a list of all search and delete logs "Protocols".

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Concerns should her that AdwCleaner only the threats mentioned above removed and not a full antivirus program removed.

AdwCleaner is portable, i.e. The program requires no installation. Therefore, you can copy the tool on request on a USB stick and run from the latter on any computer.

  • Find just about any adware
  • Easy handling
  • No installation required
  • do not contain real-time scanning

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