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If you know a bit about its Office program, then one knows the extensive possibilities of text and document design. But we also know that much depends on the correct style. And here is where the Avery Wizard.

The relatively large software package integrates perfectly with the Microsoft Office programs and then offers easily usable templates for all products from Avery. So you can even create your cards, business cards, stickers, labels and more as technically completely lowbrow office users.

The Avery Wizard step by step to the goal

As the name implies, is an assistant. And that means that the user will be limited support. After starting the user seeking out only once, what he really wants to do. The Avery Wizard presents an impressive list of supported products.

For every application there is paper products and all sums of Avery Wizard together

For every application there is paper products and all sums of Avery Wizard together

And that's the point, of course. The company Zweckform is world famous for its paper products. As for receipt block functional form is a synonym for it. The situation is similar with adhesive labels. But also for use on the printer, the company has a lot to offer. For example, micro-perforated business cards that you can print yourself. And when separated from each other afterwards is hard to notice that they are homemade. But first you have to make and just that we are supported by the Avery those cards first.

The Avery Wizard is foolproof

An important prerequisite for all work, of course, the right papers. For this reason, the exact product number is also used in each template. Because the templates used are oriented with respect to the dimensions and orientation on the paper exactly at the papers.

But if all that happens, then the Avery Wizard guides the user to great results. Thus there but not an expensive paper is wasted, you should look at first, the page preview exactly. Secondly, you should only times make proofs with normal printer paper. And then really everything, is the final print no more obstacles.

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