Mass Effect Andromeda: Multiplayer will soon be difficult

The multiplayer role-playing Mass Effect: Andromeda gets soon donated a harder difficulty.

167Mass Effect: Andromeda Platinum Teaser

Who the multiplayer role-playing Mass Effect: Andromeda offers too little challenge must be ever looking forward to the next update.

Mass Effect - Andromeda: These are the reasons for the problems in BioWare

As the developer BioWare has now announced as part of a short teaser videos, get the multiplayer mode or the Apex missions shortly donated a harder difficulty. The new Platinum Level to be more challenging than anything before, and therefore probably also experienced players some problems.

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The Platinum level is to as part of the next update for Mass Effect: Andromeda appear, so far from the However, no concrete release date is known. Previously, Mass Effect: Andromeda fall due to some confusion surrounding the alleged cancellation of the story DLCs in the headlines


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