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The one-two on Sunday morning here to stay. Meanwhile, since 1995 Football experts and celebrities Bundesliga discuss with Thomas Helmer of what is happening in the world of football. Did you not have a TV at home, since invited or at Grandma at noon want the girlfriend see the ZDF television garden, you can see one-two streaming LIVE sports.

see football talk Sport1 online: one-two in the live stream

The German sports end Sport1, formerly known as DSF, transfers the double pass every Sunday during the Bundesliga season 11-13 watch from the Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich. Do you want to watch online on your smartphone or laptop in double pass, you can do about Magine * this for free.

see double pass stream over Magine*

Double Pass streaming LIVE Sport1

From 1995 to 2004 Rudi Brückner was moderator of the football talk show. His successor Jörg Wontorra ended his one-two-career in May 2015. In his footsteps can be seen currently regularly Thomas Helmer, who has already stepped in the past repeatedly for Wontorra as moderator.

see football talk Sport1 online: one-two in the live stream

In addition to the moderator sit five guests who are close to the football world. It may be active league player, former stars, coaches, officials, but also people from the media landscape around the football business. Luminary and face of Sport1 double pass was for many years Udo Lattek. Of particular popularity also reached the so-called phrases pig. With each phrase therefore predicted those present, guests must pay € 3 (formerly 5 DM) in the piggy bank. At the end of the season the money thus collected goes to a charitable purpose. The phrases pig finds himself now back in everyday parlance.

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Football talk on the net: Sport1-two streaming LIVE

Do you want to Double Pass streaming LIVE see online, you can do this in Sport1 live stream. On the corresponding website you also can see, etc., the best-of-two in various clips with Günter Jauch, Uli Hoeneß. The first edition of-two is available here in the stream as a video. In addition you can Sport1 sports channels including passes online via Magine * Switch. The streaming service Magine currently has over 70 so that you can easily see the move through the PC, with the appropriate apps but Android and iOS devices TV channels legal and free in the offer, the football talk every Sunday.

sport1-double pass screenshotHere you can see the Sport1-two streaming LIVE

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