Escape Games: The 15 best games for smartphone, browser and console

The room

The roomThe Room is the best-known and most successful Escape Game for the smartphone. Here, finding the evidence limited to less space itself and more interesting wooden caskets in steampunk style (see picture), the secrets &# 8211; and possibly the way out of the closed space &# 8211; include. Because of its outstanding quality, both graphically and its presentation, we call The Room equal priority. Because of the low price of less than one euro on iOS and Android, it is worth buying absolutely. Who needs more food, the sequel to The Room Two can buy for a slightly higher price.

The roomdownloadQR codeThe roomDeveloper: Fireproof Games *Price: 1.09 € The roomdownloadQR codeThe roomDeveloper: Fireproof GamesPrice: 1.09 €

Forever Lost

Forever LostIn Lost Forever you will thrown for an escape Game in an abandoned building typical &# 8211; in this case an old, eerie hospital. In the dark atmosphere you seek clues and solving puzzles crisp, because whatever you want one thing: escape! Forever Lost, there are two episodes for iOS and Android, you can earn for each less than 3 €.

Forever Lost: Episode 1 HDdownloadQR codeForever Lost: Episode 1 HDDeveloper: Glitch Games *Price: 3.49 € Forever Lost: Episode 1 SDdownloadQR codeForever Lost: Episode 1 SDDeveloper: Glitch GamesPrice: € 2.69

Diamond Penthouse Escape

Diamond Penthouse EscapeYou have an iPhone, want to spend any money for a Escape Game on your smartphone and test only once briefly your skills as a puzzle expert? Then you might like Diamond Penthouse Escape. Diamond because in the center of this free Spielchens total of 30 diamonds that need to find it before it is allowed to leave the penthouse. The game is intended to be too hard neither too light, but just provide the right level of intricacy. Developers TeraLumina Games offers with Ruby Loft Escape Sapphire Room Escape and Emerald Den Escape another Escape Games where it comes to finding gems.

The app was not found in the store.

Dr. Stanley's House

Dr-Stanley HouseThis Escape Game brings a twist with: instead of a room or house to escape, we have Dr. Stanley&# 8217; s House find a way to enter the said house. The graphics are kept fairly rudimentary and not necessarily what spoiled eyes. This makes the free app, which is based on an Internet flash game in 2005, but made up for it by an exciting story. More Dr. Stanley and more history there are Part 2 and 3, which are also available for your smartphone in the sequels.

Dr.Stanley's House 1downloadQR codeDr.Stanley's House 1Developer: James Li *Price: Free Dr.Stanley's House 1downloadQR codeDr.Stanley's House 1Developer: James LiPrice: Free


realMYSTDo you remember at the popular adventure puzzle game Myst, which appeared in 1993 in America for Mac OS? Probably you know it from another platform, because in Europe followed Saturn, PlayStation, PC, Amiga, PSP, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Little wonder that it then appeared due to the large popularity in 2009 for iOS. Nostalgia fans will want to strike, and again (or even first) try to escape from the mysterious island.

realMystdownloadQR coderealMystDeveloper: Cyan Worlds *Price: 7,99 €


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