The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine: 8 tips for the perfect start

One last time you are allowed to witcher Geralt in The Witcher 3: immerse Blood and Wine in the living world and the new area Toussaint explore, which reminds with its vineyards and summer colors of France. In order to prepare you for enlargement, we will give you 8 tips for the perfect game start.

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More than 90 Quests and 30 hours Time waiting for you in the second and final DLC &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221; of The Witcher 3. The new region Toussaint is almost as big as Velen and crammed with quests, treasures and monsters. So you start optimally, we give you 8 useful tips along the way. Why the major expansion has earned a full 10 points, you read also in our review for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.

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The Witcher 3 &# 8211; Blood and Wine: Tips and Guide

The private estate, more than 20 new monsters and bosses, and 14,000 lines of new dialogue (Hearts of Stone had 6,000) await you in &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221 ;. Asks Do you still as you can get to the new area, take a look in the following Guide: The Witcher 3 &# 8211; Blood and Wine: start DLC &# 8211; so it goes into new territory.

In the expansion, the loose has the extent of two high-budget games, you have to Geralt explain a mysterious series of murders perpetrated by a monster in the otherwise picturesque Toussaint. Thus the search for clues comes smoothly rolling, we give you below 8 useful tips.

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You should be level 34+

This recommendation gives you the extension after installation directly yourself. Although you can you even at level 30 in the new area Toussaint venture since the first enemies here start at level 33, recommended this is but not necessarily. Especially if in addition your equipment is not good enough, you could you at the beginning of the teeth hard nut.

So trying to reach level 34 and to name a good armor set from a witcher-school your own before starting the DLCs. We have, with which you can find specific guides for all of you sets quickly:

  • The Witcher 3: Viper school equipment &# 8211; Locations of the schemes, required materials, values ​​and Screenshots
  • The Witcher 3: Masterfully crafted Wolf Armor &# 8211; Locations of the schemes, required materials, values ​​and images
  • The Witcher 3: Bear Armor &# 8211; Card with localities and directions to all piece set
  • The Witcher 3: Access-Armor &# 8211; Card with localities and directions to all piece set
  • The Witcher 3: Cat Armor &# 8211; Card with localities and directions to all piece set

Alternatively, you can start with adequate equipment to adventure with a prefabricated Geralt at level 34th

Start the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-dlc

Switches the new mutations free

mutations expand the skills system of The Witcher 3 additional skills and perks. It comes in Blood and Wine for the first time to use, but you must unlock it first. This should make it as early as possible through a side quest to benefit from the new passive skills.

The Quest is named &# 8220; Transformation&# 8221; and begins with a letter from Yennefer of Vengerberg who told you about a professor who researches sorcerer. You must then find his secret lab and do an experiment, after which the mutations for you to be released.


The Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine: Unlock mutations and any new skills at a glance

Saving a few skills points to

Especially at higher levels, it takes longer and longer to level up. but you should not spend any earned point immediately just in Blood and Wine. Saves them to you for the new mutations, one of which you can benefit more as opposed to the normal skills. The first few mutations cost you two skill points, but are correspondingly powerful and come along with powerful Perks, can greatly improve your game.

Important sorcerer character for Blood and Wine: Quen and Yrden

In the DLC you will have to deal mainly with vampires and creatures of darkness. Ekimmen, Higher vampires and Katakane are some of the monsters, which you have to shoot it. In the expansion, they have become even stronger and faster and therefore particularly the wizards sign Quen and Yrden be more important than ever.

While you can plug in a couple of strong physical attacks by Quen, you allow the magic trap Yrden to slow the rapid vampires and lift its invisibility. This combination can be done in the crypts and tombs better with the beasts you.

Grabs a sufficiently Repair Kits

Compared to last DLC &# 8220; Hearts of Stone&# 8221; is more fighting than before. Here, you'll get it too often to do with enemy masses. More important is it that your equipment and weapons are always in top condition. Thus, the steel sword and silver sword you will not break in the middle of a dungeon, grabs the safety one a few weapons repair kit to repair your swords quickly even without a blacksmith nearby.

Also armor repair kits can not hurt, depending on how you sent her hires in battle and how often are struck her.


Makes the side quests before the main quest

The Nebenquests are in &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221; closely related to the main quest. Blow it on your adventure so a new side quest, it is best to do this in a timely manner, to learn more backgrounds and of course to pocket also rewards. Below her too much in the main quest ahead, otherwise fail some side quests. Your They really should do to find out everything.

Want to do only the main quest, you should take a least a couple of reservoir levels to create, to make up for Missed.

Expanding your winery

During the main quest you come very early in the possession of your own winery, ye like the small town in Assassin&can construct Creed 2 gradually and beautify; #. 8217 This affects not only look out, but also playful benefits. So you can grow plants for about alchemy and obtained by sleeping in a renovated several time bonuses. This fall all the higher, the more you expand its winery and range from higher experience gains to more endurance for your horse roach. So you should not neglect the construction.


The Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine: improve winery and get bonuses

Take your time and choose wisely

If The Witcher 3 a can, it's quest design. And in &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221; deploy from the beginning simple quests complex storylines, where your decisions can have far-reaching consequences. The more important it is there that you for taking the time for the many conversations, listen carefully and you einlasst on the story.


In this way, learn their details that are important elsewhere again or understand the resolution of some storylines better. Pick your decisions in dialogs as so.

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