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The funniest way to apply care products for men, clearly has the brand Old Spice. Worldwide, there are an Old Spice commercial hype and spots around Shaving, Old Spice deodorant and aftershave lotion have achieved cult status. We give you below the practical guide to the most important information Old Spice ads and introduce you the actors - including the Old Spice Guy - before.

Old Spice Commercial: These are the bizarre and funny TV commercialsSource: Razvan Iosif / Shutterstock.com

Care products for men do not have to be boring - and certainly not the associated advertising. Is talk of Funny Commercials - so funny commercials - may the advertising for traditional brand Old Spice not be forgotten. Read below what you should know about the spots for men's skin care line.

Old Spice &# 8211; The men's skin care line of P&G

  • Old Spice *Old Spice Commercial: These are the bizarre and funny TV commercials is a trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G).
  • The body care line exitiert since 1938 in America, but was in 1990 by P&G bought.
  • 2006 developed P&G the new fragrance Old Spice Signature. This won the title Best Sporty Fragrance (best sporting scent) of FHM magazine.
  • Old Spice deodorant *Old Spice Commercial: These are the bizarre and funny TV commercials, Old Spice After Shave *Old Spice Commercial: These are the bizarre and funny TV commercials or other items there are in this country. Want to buy their products from Old Spice, you will find it at the drug store or online stores.

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Old Spice gift set WolfthornThe Old Spice Wolfthorn edition in gift set evokes the wolf in you. Pictures: Old Spice via AmazonStart Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

Old Spice Advertising in German

If you have seen so far no Old Spice Advertising in German, you are not alone. Only the net you will also find one or the other German variant of quirky spots. In potato chips spot our male Old Spice hero screams example of an athlete in the locker room with the following words:

&# 8220; The new body spray of Old Spice can turn a normal smelling man into a man who smells Poweeeeeeeeeeeeer!&# 8221;

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Your man can smell the way this man - at least claims that this humorous Old Spice spot:

Old Spice Commercial: This is the Mantastic Man

The famous Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa's. He is a former athlete in the National Football League and American actor. Isaiah Mustafa participated among others in the movie Rags, the order Cinderella retold the story and this country came together with Big Time Movie on DVD. Moreover, Isaiah Mustafa plays in the US fantasy series Shadowhunters, on the successful books Mortal Instruments *Old Spice Commercial: These are the bizarre and funny TV commercials based.

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Old Spice Guy vs. Fabio - The battle for the viral favor

When Old Spice released a new advertisement, in which the model Fabio Isaiah Mustafa challenges that guaranteed the company again in numerous clicks. The spot called Mano a Mano En El Baño was alone on YouTube already over 8 million times (As of 06/14/2016) considered.

Old Spice CommercialOld Spice Commercial: Mantastic Man Isaiah Mustafa (l.) And New Old Spice Guy Fabio (r.).

Old Spice Commercials: TV commercials as a video on the Internet

If you want to zudröhnen really with the Old Spice commercials will find it on YouTube. A compilation of the Old Spice commercials has been over 6 million times called (as of 14/06/2016). It grows, for example, a man Old Spice shaving foam from the mouth, Isaiah Mustafa regularly loses his head or talking with his brain, which exploded shortly afterwards. Actually explodes quite often something in advertising for the Old Spice care products. Whether Michael Bay has its finger in the pie?

Video: All Old Spice commercials by Terry Crews

A user writes the compilation &# 8220; By now I&8217; m Convinced did Old Spice commercials were invented: as the only way to rival Japanese commercials.&# 8221; &# 8211; He is convinced that the Old Spice commercials are designed to compete with the Japanese advertising.&# 8221; As for absurdity and ingenuity to Old Spice Commercials really does not have to hide.

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When the original spots around Old Spice aftershave or side were not strange enough, the video artist Nick DenBoer has now combines two of the commercials in a remix. TV-burping bears, a turbo car in the form of hot dogs, a head in a microwave, shark eats woman bear eats shark musician is in the bear's head - I have no words to this coronation of creativity to describe. Evil tongues are wondering which substances have the makers well fed. To the work that humanity has certainly not been waiting, but you just can not looking away.

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