Amazon Echo: Alexa telephony and voicemail unlock in Germany – Here’s how

Amazon has finally unlocked the phone function by Alexa on the Echo devices in Germany. From now you can make calls via the intelligent speaker and send messages, at least if you know how it goes.

Amazon Echo: Alexa telephony and voicemail unlock in Germany - important's

use Amazon Echo for telephoning

Updated on 03.10.2017, 12:15: The Alexa app has also been updated in iTunes. From now on iOS users can use the telephone and messaging by Alexa on the Echo speakers.

Original Article from 09.28.2017:

Amazon evaluates the echo speakers neatly in Germany. but introduced some time ago in the US telephone function can also be used in Germany immediately. For this you have to download the latest version of the Amazon app from the:

Amazon AlexadownloadQR codeAmazon AlexaDeveloper: Amazon Mobile LLCPrice: Free

With the iOS version, it works now finally.

Amazon AlexadownloadQR codeAmazon AlexaDeveloper: AMZN Mobile LLC *Price: Free

After updating or installing the latest version of the information pops up right after the start is that you can set up the phone function now. Since the update for Android will be rolled out in waves, we have for you the APK file for manual installation:

Amazon Echo: Alexa telephony and voicemail unlock in Germany - Here's howdownloadQR codeAmazon Alexa APK (version 2.1.366.0)File size: 42.5 MB

Android you need at least version 2.1.366.0.

The decor looks like this:

Alexa-Amazon-echo calls AndroidSetting Alexa-phone function on the Android smartphone

A precondition for the use is an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or one of the new products that we presented to you today, you can perform the functions but then also use on Alexa app on the smartphone and so, for example, from smartphones in the workplace with the family talk at home. We tried the function with an echo of the first generation and are enthusiastic. Both the telephone function and the sending of voice messages works great - except for the transcription of voice messages into text via the app, which is negligible in our view. The LED ring lights green and the echo Alexa says that you have a new message or receives a call. The fixed network is superfluous and replaced by a much more comfortable solution.

This may be intended echo 2nd generation:

8297Amazon Echo 2nd generation in action: This can the intelligent speaker

Buy Echo 2nd generation Amazon*

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Alexa would like to have all contacts

But there is also a big point of criticism. It can not add individual contacts. If you want to use the phone function of Alexa with the echo speaker, you have to allow similar to WhatsApp access to all contacts. While this has the advantage that you can do so directly, who has also enabled the function, but it also allows Amazon to access all contacts that you have stored on your phone or in his Google account.

Will you use the phone function of Alexa?


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