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What's with click to call from Skype on how you use it and how you can thus save telephone costs, learn it in this article.

Skype: Click to Call - How does it work?

Skype Click to Call was formerly Skype Web Toolbars. The operation is the same. Phone numbers on web pages can also be called a single click via Skype. account for a typing using landline phone or mobile phone.

Skype Click to Call &# 8211; fees

Some of the calls are free &# 8211; but only if it is shown next to the telephone number. Often local stores offer this service Skype. Otherwise fall quite cost and the Skype account will be charged accordingly. If you have not signed a credit on his Skype account or a subscription, you will receive a notification and can not make the call via the plugin.

Learn more about Skype subscriptions get you in our article "Skype Premium: new premium features in the subscription model."

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Skype Click to Call &# 8211; Installation step by step

Skype Click to Call supports Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Chrome. For Mac OS X, it is no longer available.

  1. Open your browser and go to the click-to-call website of Skype.
  2. Click download to Click-to-call.
  3. Confirms the installation Run.
  4. After installation, your browser restarts.
  5. After rebooting you have, depending on the browser, nor activate the plugin.

conduct Skype calls through Click to Call

  1. To make a call from Click to Call, move your mouse over the phone number that supports plugin.
  2. Selected in the Dropbown menu calls.
  3. Depending on what browser do you use, you must now confirm that you want to open Skype.

Confirms that you want to make the call with OK. This step can you simplicity by clicking Not again show skip.

If you select certain numbers frequently, you have the option to save the number as a contact in the drop-down menu.

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