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Current network driver for each network card 3DP Net offers. Unlike the driver search 3DP Chip from the same manufacturer we get here no Internet links but all drivers bring the tool with the same!

In this way, the program can also be used for offline installation current network drivers. 3DP Net download is quite large with around 110 MB, but extracted the package contains about 1 gigabyte of current network drivers for just about every network card. You can unzip the program on a USB stick and then use there as portable network drivers database.

find the right network driver with 3DP Net

As already said, 3DP Net is no driver search. It is more of a complete package of network drivers. The program identified after starting the installed network card and displays the same on which of their drivers are out of date.

3dp-net3DP Net identified network cards of all types and brings fresh drivers with the same!

A driver is not current, so that can be seen on the red exclamation mark in the yellow circle. In this case, do not just be sought only after the proper driver &# 8211; because he is already on site. For this reason, the installation of current network driver also works if the system is not connected to the Internet. Just a click on the ad of the outdated driver and you start installing the latest drivers.

And by the way you can back up all the drivers currently installed in the system and still later to restore this, the drivers are saved to a folder on the hard disk and can also resist made necessary without 3DP Net 3DP Chip or installed.

3DP Net can update network drivers from a USB stick

Usually, the 3DP Net Download installed on the hard disk in 3DP folder and unpacked all brought network drivers. Here, a folder with the number of the last version of the program is then applied below the subfolder Net, which also houses the 3DP Net program is itself. It can be started with 3DP_Net.exe. Through these version numbers ensures that you start each latest version and so also has the latest network drivers from all manufacturers.


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