NBA 2K16: Quick get many fans

In NBA 2K16 you did the first time to directly collect fans and drive forward your career possibility. For this, the game will keep on hand several methods for you. As you can now your fan base and increase away from the big basketball arenas, we show you in this guide.

NBA 2K16: Quick get many fans

In the entertaining My Player career written by Spike Lee can collect their fans. This will get you access to Connections with famous NBA personalities. Also, your fans are guaranteed you into All-Star team choose. So excited them so that you can participate in the game both, and thus more more fans wins. Should you problems with starting the game have, we recommend you our NBA 2K16 does not start guide.

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Unlock all badges in NBA 2K16 - important&# 039; s!

Fans win by Connections in NBA 2K16

If you have with your players a day off, you can decide you between three activities.

  • Training: Your attributes be increased.
  • Sponsoring: Increases your preserved VC.
  • Connections: You get different bonuses, including fans.

The most important leisure activity of your NBA start to win fans are the Connections. These give you different rewards, such as designs, animations, VC and of course fans. systematically develop your attempts Connections or select. Not every contact brings you one fans. You should select the Connections that bring you even Fanboni. Here is a list of Fanbonus-Connections:

Rachel DeMita
  • Fanbonus 125,000
  • NBA2KTV interview
  • 500 VC
Jackson Ellis
  • 500 VC
  • Fanbonus 100,000
  • Jersey for My COURT
Shawn Kemp
  • Fanbonus 125,000
  • Classic home jersey of the Sonics
  • Athletes Tomahawk dunk off two Pack
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Fanbonus 150,000
  • Classic Lakers-away kit
  • Signature subject glasses
Ronnie 2K
  • Fanbonus 100,000
  • 2K mocap appearance and magazine covers
  • NBA 2K17 Cover Athlete
al Horford
  • Fanbonus 50,000
  • Free throw animation of Al Horford
  • Al Horford My TEAM Card
Damian Lillard
  • Fanbonus 50,000
  • Damian Lillard jump shot
  • Chain network for My COURT
Gordon Hayward
  • Fanbonus 50,000
  • Jazz Away training jersey
  • Gordon Hayward My TEAM Card
Tyson Chandler
  • Fanbonus 50,000
  • Sun-Away-training jersey
  • Tyson Chandler My TEAM Card
Ty Lawson
  • Fanbonus 50,000
  • 200 VC
  • Rockets Away training jersey
Julius Erving
  • Fanbonus 150,000
  • Cradle Dunk Pack
  • Dr J signed jersey
Tracy McGrady
  • Fanbonus 125,000
  • Classic Rockets Auswärtrikot
  • Athletes 360 Dunk Pack
Yao Ming
  • Fanbonus 150,000
  • Pre-Game Animation &# 8220; bunny hop&# 8221;
  • Rockets Alternatively jersey
Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Fanbonus 150,000
  • clothing bracelet
  • Rockets ball for My COURT
Nerlens Noel
  • Fan Bonus 50,000
  • 76ers ground package for My COURT
  • Nerlens Noel My team Map
Dominique Wilkins
  • Fanbonus 150,000
  • Tomahawk Dunk Pack
  • The signed jersey for My COURT

Also at Sponsoring, or the sponsorship deals can you gain additional fans. But while it is important that their priorities set. Does not immediately try to take all possible deals, but take you to that promise the most fans and you help thereby more awareness, resulting in better and more lucrative contracts are available.

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breaking Legend Records

Under the menu item NBA records you can see it the greatest achievements NBA history. Which Star point which record has set you see here as well. Now, your task is to break this. For example, the Three-record set by Kobe Bryant. Here some distance casting have to turn during a single game. Just put this one high number of minutes and a slight difficulty and sunk three. The fans will love you for it and it adds some of them add your account. Anthony (The Brow) Davis

winning fans on the field

Special Actions in the games you bring additional fans. We therefore recommend you a quarter length 6 minutes and difficulty Rookie. The in-game actions include:

  • Tripple-double / double-double: Achieved in three / two of the following categories 10 Actions: points, steals, rebounds, blocks and assists.
  • Sensational dunks: Contact Dunk, Dunk to Steal, special-dunk.
  • Scored 30 points in a game.
  • hit multiple Dreier
  • Even success in consecutive games: z. B. 10 points + 5 + 5 assists rebounds.


  • Tell your team members in isolation.
  • Now makes more crossover, so that your opponents always comes back into space.
  • Then throw in the last second to one Buzzer beater to land.
  • You must make this litter! Then you get a lot of new fans.

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