Firefox reset via downgrade to an older version

Those who opt for the Mozilla Firefox, you get one of the current fastest and most reliable applications for surfing the net set up on the hard drive. With each new version Mozilla is building a exciting new features that will not only Speedup the surfing experience and enrich with other functions, but also enhance the confidence to surf.

In particular from the latter reason, it is highly recommended to always use the latest version of the browser. Every update security gaps and reduce risks of a virus attack. Nevertheless, there is in one or the other case, the interest downgrade the established installing Firefox and an older version set up the browser.

So the Firefox downgrade is performed

The reason for this z can. as a hardware weak PC be no longer cope with current versions of Firefox. One or the other user may feel theuser interface a new version of Firefox uncomfortable. Also occurring crashes in a new version of Firefox can lead to unwanted downgrade the browser suddenly. To perform a downgrade from Firefox on an old version, first the currently furnished Firefox installation over a clean uninstallation must be completely removed from the hard drive. If you have ensured that the browser and all traces of such. B. entries passed in the Windows registry from the hard drive, you can now begin to install the old version. Moreover, it is possible under certain conditions, to use a parallel downgrade version and a current version of the browser on a system. One of the two versions has to the Firefox Portable version existence, so a version during the installation is not overwritten by the other.

Firefox appearanceIf you downgrade you have to give up many new features of FirefoxStart Photogallery(23 images)"Porn mode" on the smartphone: Surf safe and clean on the Web

This should be considered when Firefox downgrade

As already mentioned, should always be carried out in Firefox downgrade wisely. Old Firefox versions are no longer supported by the developers in the rules, which specifically a lack of critical security updates for the browser. Also you have to do without many meaningful new-established functions and features and can probably not use lack of support for a downgrade many add-ons for the browser.

Mozilla Firefox downgradeIn front of a downgrade, the previous version of Firefox must be uninstalled

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