LEGO Dimensions and Star Wars: Will what?

With LEGO Dimensions her your LEGO characters can virtually bring to life and with well-known characters such. B. Batman, bounce the Ghostbusters actors, the Simpsons and more blocks format through various levels. While the LEGO sets already in many children and hobby rooms make an appearance on the Star Wars films, there is so far from the Star Wars characters in LEGO Dimensions no trace.

LEGO Dimensions and Star Wars: Will what?

Mid July 2015 still smashed John Vignocchi of Disney in an interview during E3 any hopes of an appearance of Star Wars characters in LEGO Dimensions. "Does not expect" Vignocchi said when asked whether Star Wars will find the way to LEGO Dimensions.

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So the Ghostbusters beat in LEGO Dimensions:

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Star Wars characters in LEGO Dimensions: Rumors and current status

With "Disney Infinity" the rights holder Disney has since the end of 2015 a private Toys-to-life game in which in the 3.0 version are especially the Star Wars content center stage. Disney wants to prevent that you created to compete with its own infinity product. In addition, the filmmakers are not to wish that the Star Wars universe is mixed with other universes, as would be the case with LEGO Dimensions. In Disney Infinity, keep to the story, meanwhile, more to the movie templates.

LEGO Dimensions and Star Wars: Will what?The reason is that there is no Star Wars characters in LEGO Dimensions: Disney Infinity 3.0

Just weeks after the statement these rumors, however, were defused. So loud an insider, one of the largest LEGO portals on the net, Star Wars content for LEGO Dimensions end of 2016 or early 2017 to appear at Euro Bricks. With a distance of about one and a half years after the release of Disney Infinity release of Star Wars characters in LEGO-dimensional framework would therefore quite conceivable.

Star Wars in LEGO format

That the Star Wars universe may well produce useful Games material in LEGO format already numerous releases in the past have shown. With us you will find an overview of the most exciting LEGO games from the past. A bet of Darth Vader and Co. on the Dimensions platform would be a logical and hot-awaited step, at least for fans. We will keep you up to date.

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With us you will also find an overview of the new "The Force Awakens" sets in LEGO format.

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