D & D Beyond: The digital future of Pen & amp; paper role-playing game

Closing with hundreds pages of rules and lost character sheets. From August on, Dungeons & Dragons digital game.

1142D&D Beyond - TrailerDungeons & Dragons is basically the mother of all role-playing games. However, the classic is anything but accessible, especially since the game now is available in its fifth edition and hundreds of pages long rules.

In this game mode pen and paper fans have been waiting for 40 years

To new and existing players take off work, Wizards of the Coast published in cooperation with Curse in August 2017 D&D Beyond. The tool you can also use my app both on the website which gives you access to all necessary information that you need for your campaigns. D&D Beyond helps you in character creation, in the fighting, clarifies complex control issues with just one click makes the world of Dungeons & Dragons thus accessible as never before.

In addition, the tool will have a twitch integration. On the streaming platform, the pen could&Paper RPG in recent years to win a lot of viewers. The integrated Twitch features allow you, among other things, to consider the character details of all players to track battles in detail and consider tooltips for skills classes, weapons and many more and make even clearer the online games in this way. D&D Beyond is available from 15 August 2017th


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