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Broken Sword is an adventure classic that you can now be enjoyed on iOS platforms.

The journalist Nico Collard, and American George Stobbard embark on a journey of danger and mystery. This of course includes numerous puzzles that you must solve her during the game. Numerous exotic places to be explored &# 8211; Finally, you have to uncover a dark conspiracy and to learn the truth about the Knights Templar.

&# 8220; Broken Sword: Director's Cut&# 8221; characterized not only by the intuitive touch controls and the timeless gameplay, but also by an additional storyline that we previously could not see. Broken Sword is also in the iOS version as one of the best adventures of all time, which entertains with a compelling story, a touch of humor and logic puzzles. is presented &# 8220; Broken Sword: Director's Cut&# 8221; with high resolution and hand-drawn backgrounds and characters.

&# 8220; Broken Sword: Director's Cut&# 8221; was developed by Revolution Software for iOS.

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