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Microsoft OneNote 2013 is the latest version of Microsoft's scratchpad that you can plenty of flexibility in the creation and storage of multimedia notes. Meanwhile, the program is available completely free of charge.

In which Microsoft OneNote 2013 Download is it is a note pad program, also called Scratchpad. With the software, which is part of the package Microsoft Office, can be notes to create, manage, organize and quickly search again if necessary. Furthermore, 2013 Download can interlinked also notes, with copy to the Microsoft OneNote & Paste copied as well as pictures and video files are integrated.

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Microsoft OneNote 2013 Download: Summary of Features

Other important features of Microsoft OneNote 2013 Download relate to the connection of the scratchpad to other MS Office programs such as Outlook and Word, as well as the opportunity created by the program notebooks on the network or on the Internet upload (for example, Microsoft's cloud service OneDrive) and from other computers again access them.

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The new 2013 version of Microsoft OneNote is distinguished primarily by their integration into the current MS operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 10 made. So the program's interface is adapted to the surface of the two systems, and OneNote 2013 also supports the use of gestures.

OneNote 2013 also supports synchronization with mobile devices

It is also possible with Microsoft OneNote 2013 to synchronize notebooks with Windows Phone devices as well as with Android and iOS devices, what are appropriate apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

A detailed description of all implemented in Microsoft OneNote 2013 innovations can be found on the Microsoft Web site &# 8220; What's New in Microsoft OneNote 2013&# 8220 ;.

Note OneNote 2013 will now be offered completely free from Microsoft, the freeware can you download you about the download button. Users of Windows 10 need not to do so because OneNote 2013 is pre-installed on the current Windows.

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