defragment Mac: What you should know

One can find tips for speeding up work on a PC, is often recommended to defragment the hard drive. reveals a Mac or MacBook sluggish, also raises the question of how to defragment the Mac.

On the web there are numerous programs that promise to be able to defragment the Mac hard drive find - partly charged. In case of MacOS system is a defragmenting but not necessary.

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defragment Mac? This need not be

While gaps are left in the file system under Windows when moving and installing programs, this is not the case with Macs.

  • When working under Windows spread File elements in different sectors on the hard disk.
  • Windows does not check whether a large, contiguous block for a corresponding file exists, but describes a free space until it is filled.
  • Once a next free block is found, it is filled with the rest of the file. A file can therefore be distributed across multiple free blocks - this process is called "fragmentation".
  • This division can increase load times. The system is slowed down accordingly.
  • An defragment these distributed blocks are cleaned up and improved the performance again.

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However, Mac OS X uses a different file system. In the file system files are first stored in the memory in a buffer before the contents are written to disk. the files are saved on the hard disk only when shutting down the Macs - then not distributed in a coherent piece and, as with Windows. If a file is changed, the old version is removed and completely rewritten. Is enough space, the abutment of a defragmentation is not necessary so. A file fragmentation occurs only when it is closely related to the free memory.

Even with a SSD defragmentation is not necessary. If you build an SSD in your Mac, the performance can be easily increased.

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defragment Mac: Tools not necessary

In the background, an automatic defragmentation on Mac is carried out at the latest upon reboot. Additional programs are not required, and certainly not when they are charged. Here Often tools hide with empty promises or applications that have the opposite effect of defragmentation and rather slow down the Mac by too deep intervention in the system when accelerating. It is easier when you unnecessary files from the Mac.


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