Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus): Disable Bixby and assign new feature – how it works

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have a dedicated button for the software wizard on the left side of the smartphone "Bixby." Although it is not provided, can be assigned a new function to the button.

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Bixby use button otherwise: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

Updated on 18.09.2017, 11:50: Samsung has relented and has now released an update with the Bixby button can be easily disabled. We have summarized in this article all the details.

Updated on 4/23/2017 at 15:25: As expected, there are now already a new way to give the Bixby button at the Galaxy S8 a new function. The app starts BixRemap Google Now or the Google Assistant instead Samsung Bixby. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store to download.

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Updated on 04.18.2017, 08:20: Samsung desperately wants to impose on the owners of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus the Bixby Wizard and blocked the reassignment of another function for the Bixby button with the mentioned app. This way the hardware button on the side of smart phones can be used only for Bixby again. The history of remapping the key could be a cat-and-mouse game between Samsung and developers.

Original Article from 06.04.2017:

Samsung has developed its own software wizard with Bixby, reminiscent of the basic functions of Google Now or the Google Assistant, but has more features with the image recognition. but if you have to mount a extra hardware button on the side of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus it is a matter of taste. Who would not want to use Bixby, had an unused button on the smartphone, which at least can not be assigned a new function from the factory with the preinstalled software. With the free app "All in one Gestures" that is going.

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The app is actually known to bring gestures on smartphones, so as to perform certain functions. but it can also be the "key code" of a hardware button is read with a smartphone and has a new feature or app. So you want to start the Google Assistant on the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8, can the set there. But it is not limited to language assistants. You could for example start the game Pokémon GO on the new button. Works even without root.

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Bixby assign button with "All in one Gestures" new feature

In the first step the free app in the Google Play Store you have to download and install on the Galaxy S8 or S8 Galaxy Plus.

All in one GesturesdownloadQR codeAll in one GesturesDeveloper: YS LiangPrice: Free

When you first start the app "All in one Gestures" ask for the permission to change the system settings. These have to do is give her, if you want to change a setting like Bluetooth with the Bixby button. For a normal app that is not necessary.

Now you can see the features of the app into three tabs split "hard keys", "swipe" and "Status Bar". With a mop to the left you come to the "hard keys" with which the hardware buttons can remap the smartphone. With "Enable" access is granted, and the phone asks you if you really want to perform the settings. Confirmed the issue and you are guided in the settings of the smartphone where you see the option "All in one Gestures" under "Services" and then give permission to access through the App.

Samsung Galaxy S8 All-in-One Gestures bixby"All in one Gestures" on the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Source:

Once this is done, you have to press the back button until you end up back in the "All in one Gestures" app.

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To reassign the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8, first the code of the button must be determined. For this you go on the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Custom Keys" from. If you press now the Bixby button on the smartphone, the app determines the appropriate code. In the case Bixby is of course first opened again and you have to go through the back button back into the app. Once that has happened, there would have the "key code" 1082 - appear - at least in the US model. By pressing "Add" button is now stored in the app under "Custom Keys" and can be reloaded.

Samsung Galaxy S8 All-in-One Gestures bixby-2Code of Bixby-button read out (source:

To assign the Bixby button on the Galaxy or Galaxy S8 S8 plus a new feature, you must now the circle next to the press "Key Code", so there show the features, applications or shortcuts. If you want to use the Google Assistant instead Bixby, you choose the option "Search" and "voice search."

Samsung Galaxy S8 All-in-One Gestures bixby-3Bixby button new function assign (Source:

If you hold the button Bixby on the smartphone, the Google Assistant opens. If you also do not want to use this, of course, other features or apps can be selected. Just press again the circle next to the "Key Code" choose something else and.

Restocking of Bixby button can be done, of course, reversed by deleting the "Custom Key" in the app "All in one Gestures" and the app removes the powers in the settings. Alternatively, you can simply uninstall the app - even the original function of the Galaxy is S8 (Plus) restored.

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