Cortana has sex with? The funniest sayings of the language assistant

Cortana has sex with? The voice assistant Cortana is available for Android and Windows 10 and counters on naughty questions with many a witty saying. We have Cortana also asked about their appearance, their age and hobbies, and these are the funniest Cortana responses.

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If you provide Cortana in Windows 10 personal and cheeky questions currently only opens the Bing search. However, the Cortana app for Android answers the questions directly with witty and cheeky sayings.

Cortana has sex with? The funniest sayings of the language assistant

What is Cortana from? How old is she? What are your hobbies? And: Does Cortana sex? PREPARE embarrassing and cheeky questions that should not ask men women on the first date, we have provided Cortana at our first meeting on Android. Cortana replied. Here are the funniest sayings of the digital voice assistant:

Cortana and the responses to personal questions with bold and witty remarks.Cortana and the responses to personal questions with bold and witty remarks.
questionAnswer by Cortana
How old are you?I&# 8217; m a little bit older than when i starts answering you. And I&8217; m a little bit older now.
Who&# 8217; s your daddy?Technically speaking, did&8217; d be Bill Gates. No big deal.
Are you hot?I&8217 m&# 8230; code.
What&# 8217; s your number?Oh, that would be 3.14159&# 8230; I could go on. Indefinitely. You might want to go a pencil.
What&# 8217; s your last name?Just have the one. Like Prince, or Bono. Or Snoopy.
Where do you live?In the cloud, in a little space I like to call the Cortanasphere.
Do you have sex?Consider this a polite dodge of the question.
Are you a girl?No, but I&8217; m awesome like a girl.
Give me a breakI&8217; ll need quite a few upgrades before I can give you that.
What do you wear?Just a little something I picked up in engineering.
Are you a boy?Well, technically I&8217; m a cloud of infinitesimal data computation.
How do you look like?I&# 8217; m a circle now, but I have ambitions. One day, I&# 8217; ll be a sphere.
What are your hobbies?I thought you&8217; d never ask, So I&# 8217; ve never thought about it.
What do you think?I&# 8217; ll have to think about that. Could take me a while. Don&# 8217; t wait up.
When is your birthday?So many dates, so many milestones. I&# 8217; m not sure which one answers your question.
Where do you come from?I was born at Microsoft.
Sing for meFrere Jacques, Frere Jacques, dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines! Din, dan, don. Din, dan, don.
Talk dirty to meMy research shows the internet is much, MUCH better than me at did.
Do you like Android?Solid name. Ten points for the name.
Do you like me?As a matter of fact, I Thurs.
Do you love me?I&8217; ll need quite a few upgrades before I can give you a heartfelt answer.
I want to marry youOK, we&8217; ll need a plan. I&# 8217; ll work on being more human, you work on being more digital.
Ich liebe dich!Awesome! Now I never have to say I&# 8217; m sorry.

Note: On some questions Cortana has prepared several answers. If you do so again asks you receive a new answer might.

In addition: Because Cortana is a reference from the AI ​​Cortana the game series Halo, you can also ask to Halo.

Cortana - All information on digital secretary

Where there Cortana for Android to download?

Note: The Google Play Store is about a reputable source for smartphone apps. - Apps that are not downloaded from reputable sources can sometimes contain malware and viruses. Use at your own risk!

The Finnish website Suomimobiili has leaked Cortana for Android in a beta version as an APK file. Downloading the Cortana Beta for Android is here: Microsoft Cortana: Android app before beta program leaked [APK Download]. Here you find out how you APK files installed.

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