eMule is one of the most popular file sharing client for the eDonkey2000 network. He is an improved alternative to the original eDonkey client, which now no longer exists. Since version 0.50a the Kad network 1.0 is no longer supported. Each eMule users connected to a server, so the eDonkey network.

This allows the desired data and files can be obtained from several sources simultaneously. Because of this networking, the download speed is increased. If a user is offline, the data can be obtained from the users who are online.

407Giga eMule Video Overview

Also, eMule has a preview function. Video and data archives can be viewed and checked for content before they are completely downloaded. eMule supports files with a size up to 256 GB. With eMule itself Collections can be created so that it is possible to find contiguous files on the network.

Since the latest version 0.50a, a new algorithm for verification of files ensures that corrupt files and reduces the download speed has been increased. Using the integrated IRC client eMule users can chat with each other.

Emule is programmed so that you can remotely control it via web interface from any computer. This shutdown of the sharing service, is almost impossible. A list of all features and functions of eMule can be found on the manufacturer's site.

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