Twitch: So funny the rules for eating in front of the camera

On Twitch is now a category called "Social Eating" in which users themselves allowed to film the eating. The rules of what you can eat in front of the camera and what not, are pretty funny.

Twitch: So funny the rules for eating in front of the camera

The live streaming platform Twitch has recently introduced a new category. "Social Eating" is exactly what one suspects the title (/ fear): there you can watch while eating streamers. If you are wondering now why there is such a category: Twitch has collected the answers to these and other questions in an FAQ that is very entertaining.

In response to the question of why the category was introduced, two reasons are given: "The first is that we have set ourselves in connection with our users from South Korea, where content is about eating part of the culture and something that many of our users have wished or tried to involve them in their streams. The second is a result of Twitch Creative where streamers were allowed to show their cooking skills, but have used so much time on food that they moved away from the idea behind Twitch creative. "As part of Twitch Creative users can film themselves in how they working on various "creations" &# 8211; this includes just even cooking.

Much funnier than the question of "why?" Of the Social-eating category, however, is the question of what users are allowed to show there and what is not. Among other Twitch considers it necessary to expressly prohibit "pet food, toxic substances, body fluids, waste or unessbare objects" to eat; Also you must not, or if you are filmed in how you eat in a moving car, "the harm you or could lead to vomiting eat in a way."

Source: Twitch, via Kotaku


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