Turn your old console into cash: As much are PS4, Xbox One and Wii U still worth

What to do with the old box? Since the announcement of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One Scorpio many gamers are thinking about selling their old console. We tell you where you get the most money for your old models.

Turn your old console into cash: As much are PS4, Xbox One and Wii U still worth

With the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One Scorpio you expect comprises the most powerful game console next year. then Go where with your old console: the question remains? This guide provides you with all the information on the sale of your used console. Here you can find out which provider is best for you, what specific features you have to consider when selling and how much your used console is still worth today.

On these portals you can sell your console:

Until 31 December 2016 requires ebay no offer fees, so you can offer your used console free and risk-free. If the sale is successful, Ebay receives 10 percent sales commission. Deals with fixed prices run indefinitely, auctions, however, expire after a maximum of ten days. To highlight your offer from the crowd, Ebay offers various, sometimes extra cost options. Unlike Amazon you can clearly make individual and enclose example, accessories or games to lift you on the amount of consoles offered your offer on Ebay though. Depending on whether you decide for an auction or offer at a fixed price, different margins are possible. Due to the high customizability of the offers, Ebay is the best alternative for individuals.


Of the Amazon Marketplace offers you the possibility of your console used by Amazon to offer. For private customers a variable sales fee applies in addition to a basic fee of 0.99 euros per available items. For game consoles these eight percent of the retail price is. Shipping fees are flat rate credited, in this case 2.55 euros plus 0.85 euros for each kilogram. The visibility of the offer depends primarily on the asking price, other factors for a successful sale are also existing users reviews. For Your offer an official product information page must exist. Thus, the Amazon Market Place is especially for small businesses that sell used consoles in high volumes.

Zoxs.de buys you your console used at a fixed price direct. Moreover, you fill the detailed questions on the scope and visual condition of your console and send it together with the device to Zoxs.de. A few days later you will receive your money. Shipping costs for items over 30 € will be credited. Depending on the configuration and status of your console, the selling price can vary widely. The prices are generally lower than Amazon and Ebay, but the profit is guaranteed.

feesparticularitiesSuitable for
ebayto December 31, toll-free adjustment, 10 percent sales commissionindividual offers fixed prices and the sale possibleindividuals
Amazon0.99 euro per product + 8 percent of the sale priceno individual deals possibleCompanies
Zoxs.deno feesguaranteed purchasequick profit

The portals in the price comparison:

Below you can find an overview of what the average selling price you can expect for your console on the respective platforms. Prices are based on consoles, including all accessories and in very good condition. The prices of the Xbox One relate to models without Kinect sensor. The Wii U Premium rates are based on the version of Mario Kart. 8

PS4 500GB 242 euros 240 euros 198 Euros
PS4 1TB 280 Euros 290 Euros 216 Euros
Xbox One 500GB 192 euros 210 euros 126 euros
Xbox One 1TB 260 Euros 265 Euros 144 euros
Wii U 200 euros 188 euros 126 euros
Wii U Premium 210 euros 230 Euros 152 euros

Note that various factors can affect the selling price of your console. The optical condition and the amount of equipment can have a significant impact on the price.

Our conclusion:

The best option, your console used to sell, is now clearly Ebay. You have to compete with Amazon on list prices and professional company, so you'd have to charge a very low price in order to enforce you. In addition, your offer of an official Product Information page must match, so bundles with additional games you can not offer on this path.


On Ebay you can customize at will to lift you from the crowd your offer. If you want to change, for example by an Xbox One on a PlayStation 4 Pro, it's on Ebay no problem, the offer to settle your entire Xbox One games - making your entry more attractive and you einspielt a higher profit.

Zoxs.de is only worthwhile if you have to get rid of your console necessarily in a very short time and for taking a smaller profit in buying. Rates that are comparable to Amazon and Ebay, you reach also only if your console is fully equipped and is in perfect condition.

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