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bleach titelbild Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, to see the since childhood has the ability spirits. One day, a so-called Hollow his house attack, Ichigo gets in the crossfire and witnessed how a female Shinigami called Rukia Kuchiki fighting the Hollow. It is as if she wants to protect Ichigo but injured. To save himself his family, Rukia and Ichigo decides itself to become a Shinigami and absorbs Rukia's powers. From then on, it has the task the city from Hollows to preserve, whose aim is to feed the spirits of the dead, although Hollows also once the souls were dead. Rukia at his side Ichigo tries to cope with his new life and experiencing this dangerous adventure. Bleach is probably the only anime where I really like the main character most like and that no psychotic, arrogant or megalomaniac genius. Ichigo is unbelievably good heart and a strong sense of justice. I like the way he tries to protect everyone around him while going every time beyond its borders. But what I like most about the series and the manga, is his relationship with Rukia. As in Hellsing between Integra and Alucard, prevails even at Rukia and Ichigo a silent affection and you can feel that between them is more than is shown. But there is also a big negative point in Bleach: Orihime Inoue. There is probably no female character that I find annoying than they. It is exhausting and a typical Mary Sue. Such characters I can not stand and am glad that Rukia is its exact opposite. In this way, the noise factor Orihime is somewhat contained. Also the many different other characters Bleach make me so special because there are other people besides Rukia and Ichigo, which I find very interesting. Bleach is the only one long series that keeps me up to today in the bar and I still like to see while I have all the other series that will probably never end, long abandoned. The manga is published in Germany by Tokyopop.

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