Outlets in Greece: Do I need an adapter?

In some countries, travel adapters are necessary and even EU countries such as England and Ireland require special plug. The outlets in Greece are as much less complicated, yet are some special cases. Here all information ...

Currently, three socket types co-exist in Greece. Depending on the building age you meet modern outlets "Type F", as they are standard, even for us, but also on old Italian outlets "Type L" in which three holes are in a row. The means are the thing slowly dying outlets "Type C": take on German "Euro connector", but have no grounding.

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Adapter for Greek sockets

Much of the outlets in Greece can be used without an adapter. The German standard type F, the so-called "safety plug" is widespread and the tension also makes no problems. Some older outlets in Greece are of type C: He has the same openings as our outlets, but not so deep frame to hold thick plug. In addition, there is no ground.

And finally there is the single socket type that can give you problems: Type L - the old Italian outlets.

Socket italian-L connectorThere are still outlets in Greece, which could be seen from 50 years in Italy

Which are mainly found in old houses or in holiday chalets on the islands. They require, as can be seen in the picture, either the mating plug on the device, or you worried you a travel adapter. Amazon you get a Adapter for under 6 euros *Outlets in Greece: Do I need an adapter? (With free shipping) with which you can use the old Greek outlets. Amazon Prime customers can even for 4.99 euros the appropriate adapter *Outlets in Greece: Do I need an adapter? get.

If you travel the world a lot about, you could always purchase a Travel universal adapter for 150 countries *, which even has two USB charging sockets. To get it from Amazon for just under 16 euros.

Both adapters you can use a power strip, if you want to connect multiple devices. However, you should take into account that the lines of such old outlets are just as old and come from a time in the not so many devices were used simultaneously. They do not meet today's standards and regulations, which is why you should not unduly burden.

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