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The Disk Defrag Download Auslogics by the manufacturer brings you a program to defragment your hard disk to the computer, which is characterized by a relative to the Windows Disk Defragmenter higher performance.

If the computer is becoming slow, need the system and programs ever longer to start, one reason for this may lie in the disk fragmentation. This term means that actually belong together memory blocks are stored scattered on the hard disk and make it more difficult for the board to gather up the resources necessary for performance of the system or program files. To counter this and to increase the speed of the system to access the hard drive and, should this perform a defragmentation.

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Disk Defrag


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Disk Defrag Download: Faster and more comfortable than the Windows Disk Defragmenter

Although Windows has a defragmenter included, the Disk Defrag Download but has the advantage that the program works faster and also behavior and appearance of the application can be customized more extensive. Disk Defrag optimizes the file system and speeds up access to frequently used system files. Further, the program makes a free space consolidation, which means that disjointed blocks unused memory are combined to form a continuous block.

In addition, Disk Defrag offers you the opportunity to make an automatic defragmentation is performed during operation of your computer in the background.

  • Faster than the built-in Windows defragmentation
  • More settings
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