What’s CREEPYPASTA? – The horror stories from the depths of the Internet

Some love it, others hate them: Scary stories. The horror and ghost stories that are passed on Internet forums and -gesponnen or keep still partly hidden deep in the network is called CREEPYPASTA, so to speak, scary stories 2.0. But what exactly makes a CREEPYPASTA from, where does the term and which addresses such a modern horror story?

People have already told in ancient stories with scary content and supernatural events, which previously probably less the entertainment factor but rather the information character has been at the forefront: At that time most tellers of such stories of the truthfulness of the story were convinced. As the first modern ghost story gillt the pamphlet The Apparition of Mrs. Veal by Daniel Defoe *What's CREEPYPASTA? - The horror stories from the depths of the Internet from the early 18th century.

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CREEPYPASTA &# 8211; explanation of Terms

creepy pastaMay I introduce: This is Ben

The term CREEPYPASTA consists of the words &# 8220; creepy&# 8221; (Dt. Creepy) and the term &# 8220; CopyPasta&# 8221 ;, which often copied text describes the per copy & Copy Paste (dt. & published over and over again on different sides and in different forums insert) together.

In keeping with the spread of internet horror stories, is Creepypastas deal mostly modern issues such cursed websites and computer files owned by ghosts of dead player video games, lost episodes from different series with strange contents, mysterious music that animate or suicide scientific experiments.

some famous Creepypastas We have already devoted a separate article:

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Among the classics of video game Creepypastas heard clearly the stories of Ben Drowned: a drowned boy whose mind his old Majora&# 8217; s Mask module has owned and receives so contact with the new owner. Also well-known legends about the Japanese editions of Pokémon Red and green are. Here is this &# 8211; anyway creepy &# 8211; have the city Lavandia Song (English. Lavender Town) contain certain tones in the first published version, which should have driven up to 200 Japanese children to suicide.

Original Lavender Town Theme (Listen at your own risk!)

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CREEPYPASTA &# 8211; Only an Internet phenomenon?

Although Creepypastas are a clear Internet phenomenon, but the awareness and dissemination is growing steadily. A large amount of English Creepypastas have already been translated into German and many other languages. And as with many urban legends stories are carried on beyond the internet and disseminated.

There are already anthologiesWhat's CREEPYPASTA? - The horror stories from the depths of the Internet with selected Creepypastas to buy * in book form and also some creative minds have been inspired by the often written by laymen Board shocker. Thus, the art book contains creepythread example illustrated Creepypastas of over 30 different artists. And on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo you will always find short films that were inspieriert of internet horror stories.
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