Star Wars 7: This Easter Eggs have overlooked her in the cinema (Video)

&# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; has generally gives us great pleasure in the cinema. Director J.J. Abrams has managed to breathe new life into the franchise and still provide for a pleasant feeling of nostalgia, which is also already some feat. helped certainly one way or another allusion to the original trilogy and other Easter eggs, which you can watch in this video. 

Star Wars 7: This Easter Eggs have overlooked her in the cinema (Video)Source: © Disney

When in April the DVD / Blu-ray version of &# 8220; Star Wars 7&# 8243; will be released, we can zap us through the lush sure injured bonus material and determined discover one or the other allusion or reference that is included in additional or cut out scenes. Until then, the cinema version must be sufficient for finding Easter Eggs and as the colleagues of Looper have taken over and 11 Easter Eggs and innuendo summarized in a video. Enjoy yourself!

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The 11 largest Easter Eggs in Star Wars 7

What do you all mean? Have colleagues can track all the Easter Eggs? We look forward to your thoughts in the comments!

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