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Of course, a new wrestling game with the superstars of the WWE is not missing, 2015. As in previous years, this year 2K and Take-Two Interactive are responsible for WWE 2K16.

WWE 2K16 comes with the largest roster that was ever included in a wrestling game. A total of 120 different wrestlers, legends and divas can be controlled. In addition, there are by some actors have different versions that are not performed in this number. Cover star of this year's edition is Sone Cold Steve Austin.

Pre-order may also look Arnold Schwarzenegger as a playable character itself.

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WWE 2K16: 120 playable Superstars

Publication date is 30 October 2016. Although WWE 2K15 is released for PC, WWE 2K16 has so far only announced for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PS3. Whether a PC version will be submitted, is still unclear. On the control, not much has done for WWE 2K16. Also this year, must be accurately pressed onto the shoulder button to execute a counterattack again. Moreover, the number of counter available per game is limited. Especially in matches with a number of fighters have to watch idly as if one is passed from one to the other counterparty to Lam. The submission system has been revised.


WWE 2K16: game modes and Release

Of course, rises and falls every sports game with its game modes. WWE 2K16 brings a wider choice of match types. The highlight is the Showcase mode, in which everything revolves around Steve Austin. This career mode is the King of the Ring finals in 1996 and lets you once again relive the most important battles voon Steve Austin. So you can get at times of WCW and ECW in the ring and in the role of superstar Steve Austin and Stunning Steve Austin.


In these matches new superstars can be unlocked by specific tasks to be fulfilled. Course away from Stone Cold a career mode in which you have to fight with your own created wrestler from the shop floor to Championsship tip. It is important to make some decisions that really impact on the career progression. It is open to you to help other stars or to attack them. Rounding out the game from the already known to make its own superstars championship Titeö. create arenas and shows.   Meanwhile, the latest wrestling game was officially announced. The release of WWE 2K16 is in October.


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