PS4: Console should be able to compete with DirectX 12

This year will be released with DirectX 12 a new graphics API. However, experts are confident that the PS4 can still keep up with the new performance enhancements of the PC.

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With DirectX 12 a new API (user interface) has been released in conjunction with Windows 10, which is to bring a bit forward the potential of video card again. No wonder, then, that future titles such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mirror's Edge and Ashes of the Singularity will take advantage of this new technology.

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But many wonder: Can the current consoles ever keep up with this technology? With Microsoft's Xbox One this question is on the sidelines. Finally, the company fired the console with a version of DirectX can say 12. But the PS4 will, according to experts.

Don Williamson, founder of Celtoy, among other things, to the renderers for Splinter Cell: Conviction have worked and some engines, revealed more about this in an interview with Gamingbolt.

The PS4 is a constant gaming platform. And as with the first Playstation, Sony has rewritten the manual for implementing APIs. Based on various factors, the PS4 should be able to still keep up.

The games tide comes in 2016 on the PS4

Sony will certainly focus in 2016 on improving the tools of the PS4 continue while Microsoft regards the first games with DirectX 12 implementation on the Xbox One.


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