Vodafone tariff change – Complete info

You draw a Vodafone tariff change into consideration in order to benefit from lower costs or better benefits? Whenever a change is possible and that comes at a cost, depends on several points. We show you what you need to know.

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Vodafone tariff change - when and how?


  • You can change at any time in a more expensive tariff.
  • Do you want to migrate to a better deal, you can do this earlier than 12 months after the contract done.
  • Have you switched to a cheaper deal, a new minimum contract period of 24 months applies.
  • You can not change your online mobile tariff. For this, you need customer support *Vodafone tariff change - Complete info contact or any of the activities *Vodafone tariff change - Complete info attention.

Vodafone mobile tariffs*

LTE, DSL and landline

You can a Vodafone tariff change under "My Vodafone" > "My products*"Vodafone tariff change - Complete info make.

Vodafone tariffs - DSL, Internet and TV*

  Vodafone tariff change

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Vodafone tariff change - fees


  • You can migrate to a cheaper tariff 12 months after the contract is signed.
  • Will you go before you have to pay 99.95.

LTE, DSL & landline

Click on the link below to see what fees when changing or change your DSL or LTE package *Vodafone tariff change - Complete info arise.

Change the contract to a prepaid offer

Is your minimum contract period expires, you can be a prepaid rate change. For this, you need to Vodafone following changes form *Vodafone tariff change - Complete info send completed and signed.

move from CallYa to a tariff with minimum term

You can at any time of CallYa to a tariff with minimum term hike:

  • on the Internet at "changing from CallYa"
  • charge by phone at the 0800 800 10 70
  • on-site in one of the shops


Change prepaid tariff

A change your prepaid package is possible at any time via:

  • "My Vodafone" > "My Mobile" > "Contract" > "Switch tariff"
  • by mobile phone in the "MeinCallYa app"
  • by telephone at 22 44 0

For the first ten prepaid tariff change you have to pay nothing. On the subject

  • Vodafone Contract renewal: how it works
  • Vodafone Hotline - so you reach the Customer
  • Vodafone partner card - all important information


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