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In the official game adaptation of the popular TV show Beat the Star you have to give your best to have a chance to win. Stefan Raab virtual likeness challenges you in many skill tests and quizzes.

A total of 21 different mini-games from the areas of skill, knowledge and action to choose from. In "Shame or cash" you put your general knowledge to the test, while in &# 8220; Where is what "good geography skills are in demand. The original voices of Stefan Raab and the Moderator Team Elton and Matthias Opdenhövel provide along with the original music for an authentic TV atmosphere.

And the rules corresponds to one hundred percent of the television program. For long-lasting fun provides not only a special bonus system of party mode: Here two players can compete against each other on a PC and fight for the virtual asset that belongs to the winner alone.

The demo Beat your Host can try yourself a discipline. In &# 8220; Blamieren or Cash&# 8221; Elton pits you against the well-known entertainers in a duel.

UPDATEWho in online mode problems in the games &True; # 8220&# 8217; s?&# 8221; as &# 8220; More or Less&# 8221; had can breathe easy: Developers Game King has the Raab released patch for the multiplayer mode a blow that fixes the said problems.

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