Porn consumption: Germany is world champion

The topic of sex was instrumental in the spread of the Internet. A recent study shows that of all the Germans wear the crown in terms of pornography consumption.

Porn consumption: Germany is world champion [infographic]Source: Parental Advisory via Shutterstock

Germany is pretty good in many things. Last year, the German team has the World Cup to decide for themselves, in terms of economy, it looks in this country compared to many other countries around the world quite bright. But even in more intimate areas, we are in front. Because when it comes to pornography and their consumption, none beats the Germans.

The side has set itself the task time to look more closely what is going on with the business concept pornography on it. Not surprisingly: it is at the "bare goods" to a billion dollar business. Particularly on the Internet, the area is flourishing continue, but the three most popular websites with offered sex clips recorded 1.5 billion visitors per month. This corresponds to 630 users per second. But what does that mean in other numbers? The infographic "pornography - a billion dollar business" sheds little light into the darkness and shows how important besitztz the industry. Here are some of the most important facts at a glance, more exciting information is there in the graphic below.

  • Per second over 30,000 porn clips and 50 GB data is considered world with sex content
  • about 12.6 million euros and generates annual turnover Internet pornography per day
  • about five billion dollars to be implemented by the adult industry on the Internet per year
  • In the first place: Germany. With 12.4 percent share of the global Porn Traffic nobody looks more sex films
  • The three largest porn websites attract more than a half billion users per month, equivalent to 630 per second
  • A quarter (25%) of all searches on the net revolve around pornography. This corresponds to 68 million daily searches
  • Overall, 35 percent of Internet traffic are pornographic origin

Of course, the whole thing has a dark side, as can be seen also from the graph. Whether child pornography, scandals involving celebrities, attacks on computer hackers and viruses and more are some of the negative consequences of business with sex on the Internet.



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