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One of the great advantages of Android that you customize it freely and fully able to adapt to his wishes. This naturally includes being able to change the background image of the home screen and lock screen. How do you manage to do it well, we will tell you the following Android Beginner Guide.

Long you must not dig around in some settings. Android you can watch the pictures on your device very quickly to the background of your home screen or lock screen make.

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Android: Change background image

For the following guide we have used a smartphone with Android 7.0 "nougat". Depending on the version of Android and manufacturers, the process may be slightly different, basically determining a background works well on other versions similar. To select a new background for your Android device, you go as follows:

  1. open your album.
  2. addiction the image out that want to use it as a background image and tap on it.
  3. Now tap on the Triple point (Bottom right) and choose Use as out.
    Android Wallpaper Modify 01
  4. In the following menu you choose now background out.
    Android Wallpaper Modify 02
  5. Next, you can between Home screen, screen lock as Home screen and screen lock from, depending on where the background image should be visible.
  6. Finally selects the image area (or the entire image) and presses on to save.