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Yesterday evening, the iPhone 6 my colleague Marco suddenly turned off - even though the battery level was still at 25 percent before. What happened? And what can you do? Well, it's gone cold &# 8230;

iPhone turns off: Tip in

I am selbiges already with the iPhone 5s and even happened iPod nano: The device has simply turned off after I have served a few minutes. Outside in freezing temperatures.

This occurs when it is too cold the device simply, the iPhone turns off because the voltage drops too much - a protective mechanism. Now do not go into the house and set the unit to the heating, as large fluctuations in temperature can lead to condensation inside - and the iPhone death. And even if you should get off lightly with such an attempt: Help should not the general.

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iPhone turns off: It is running again

Inconvenient if you are traveling in such a case and must phone or Google Maps needs. tip: Take a little extra battery and a charging cable. This jump-start the iPhone in a few minutes again, and so the battery is charged as hibernation.

Prevention in extreme cold

The healthiest remains iPhone but it is when it is not even too cold. As the official Apple operating temperature indicates 0 to 35 degrees for storage -20 to +45 degrees Celsius. to let the device in your pocket, because the best course of action. A case or bag should also help.

Other reasons when the iPhone starts

not always but the temperature must be the cause when the iPhone itself off. It can, of course, actually the battery is empty because, for example, the location was a large-scale consumers. A look at the iOS Settings -> Battery identifies the main scapegoats. Also, a bug in the operating system has already led to shutdown times. but this is rare, and should turn back on the iPhone normally work with the power button.

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Top: iPhone with Waterproof Cover by LifeproofiPhone turns off: Tip in "hibernation".

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