What is iTunes? manage music correctly, how it works

What is iTunes? iTunes is used to manage music, movies, apps and books. But how do you deal with the software for Mac and PC? A few basics to iTunes 11, which are important for understanding.

What is iTunes? manage music properly so goes's

What is iTunes? The Apple software performs several functions:

  • media management
  • Media Player (music, movies)
  • Music conversion and reading CDs
  • Download Podcasts
  • Synchronization of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Backup and restore iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • Access to the App Store and iTunes Store (music, movies, books, etc.)
  • Synchronization of certain media with iCloud (see. What's iTunes Match)

Of the download iTunes for Mac and Windows PCs is free.

Automatically manage iTunes Media folder

iTunes provides a convenient feature: The software can manage the media automatically. We simply drag a folder with music, for example, from a USB stick into the iTunes window. The Software copies the songs on the computer and sorts them In the Finder / Explorer in the correct folder, for example, The Beatles -> Rubber Soul. Is there a folder for the artist or album, iTunes places it automatically.

For this function must in the settings -> Extended following check mark must be set:

What is iTunes? manage music correctly, how it works

The order has changed the way between the different versions of iTunes. In earlier versions (iTunes 8), as music played the lead role, were the films (movies) as a sub-folder in iTunes Music. Apple has cleaned up and a logical structure introduced: In iTunes 11 available apps, books, music, videos etc on one level, the iTunes Media folder. So we no longer have to look for the films in the Music folder among the performers.

What is iTunes? manage music correctly, how it works

Who already uses its iTunes library years, finds there may still have an older structure. We can bring it up to date: In iTunes File menu -> library -> Select organize media library and put hooks in organizing the files in the folder &# 8220; iTunes Media&# 8221; New. For safety's sake previously make a backup!

Start Photogallery(17 images)iPod classic with HiRes Audio: FiiO X1 in our "test lab"

iTunes library explains: Directory versus Finder level

Very important for understanding: iTunes is a directory. The software knows where what song is on the hard drive - because she has laid him even there (or called her at least the file path). This library structure allows the playlists, for example. We can insert a song in several lists on the hard disk is the file but only stored once.

Also we can to memory See, in the Music folder on the computer with iTunes -> iTunes Media. But: Here we must never change anything! Otherwise, our software does not find the files. At best, we do not look in the Finder / Explorer iTunes folder only.

We do most all the changes of the iTunes window, whether it is adding new titles, or out copy on a USB stick. Another example: We have an artist properly with some albums, with some albums misspelled. So we are looking in iTunes (not the Finder!) The misspelling and correct them. iTunes now pushes the albums in the background on the hard drive in the folder with the correct spelling.

What is iTunes? manage music correctly, how it works

The information on our media lists, etc. are stored in the iTunes folder in the files iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml. The latter does not contain all information, but provides the interface to other programs (for example, iMovie). In Who creates no backup of its media (foolishly) that should create at least now and then a backup of these two files. The library file is relatively susceptible to defects in a crash or the like.

iTunes Music Management: Conclusion

iTunes splits the minds - the one can not make friends with the library, the others they like very much. I count myself among the latter, because the software provides many convenient features. However: Who wants used iTunes, it must consistently and exclusively use. The software is in my opinion not suitable to drive double-tracked as part of the music management.

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